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Learn all the different attributes that make a singular New World Item a “Legendary.”

Making your perfect character on any MMO takes a lot of time. First, you’ll need to reach the end-game or level until you get the last number (60) possible. After setting things up with your New World Account, achieving this task might take a few weeks. It depends on how much you know about gaining experience and how many hours you share between gaming sessions.


Secondly, it is recommendable that you create a good combination between your stats and your weapons. Therefore, you’ll earn better attributes and increase the effectiveness of your arsenal with your character’s build. For example, if you want to add numbers to your Intelligence (INT), it would be best to equip an Ice Gauntlet/Void Gauntlet and Fire Staff.

Lastly, you’ll need to have good items equipped. Indeed, like any other RPG (Role-Playing Game), every New World Item color. If you want to carry the best options in your inventory, Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) equipment should be a good combination.

This article will share the different methods to get you a Legendary Weapon or Armor in New World.

Legendary Weapons and Armor

Besides the color mentioned earlier (Orange), the Legendary New World Items also have unique features. On the one hand, you have the chance to gain an additional perk (for a total of three) when you equip one of these rare goods. At the same time, they usually have more significant stat numbers that might assist you when you’re building your character.

Still, though, all of the elements that make an equipment “Legendary” more than often appear at random. Hence, finding a new weapon or armor becomes challenging to have the right perks or the best stats. 

Furthermore, sometimes you might not even get the suitable goods for your champion. For example, you might obtain a “Light Armor” or “Magical Weapons” for your Tank instead of something better.

If you add all of these random possibilities, you may already guess that getting the right tools for the job can take a while. As a result, it can take tons of gaming sessions to equip your character better. 

How to get Legendary Items in New World?

  • Completing a Quest: One of the easiest ways to earn your first Legendary item is to finish one ‘simple’ task in New World. When you meet all the requirements, you’ll make a Legendary Weapon that fits your build and playstyle. First of all, you need to have the pre-requisite quest called “Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome.” Secondly, you must have the weapon you want at level 20. If you stick to a single (or two) New World items from the start, this might be easy when you hit level 60. Lastly, Mandaki’s Stratagem will appear in the Mountainhome Outpost (Shattered Mountain). Afterward, an NPC will give you a list of materials (challenging to obtain). Most noteworthy, once you have everything, it’ll forget a Legendary Weapon.
  • Drops: When you hit level 60, you’ll see that the most challenging maps available at the moment will give you better rewards. Like any other MMO, you’ll need to increase the overall score from your equipment with each New World Item that you gather. When you get to 600 (or the closest possible), you’ll see more Legendary drops randomly from chests or monsters. Doing “chest runs” or completing high-level “expeditions” are some of the best ways to earn the best items in the game.
  • Making Your Legendary Items: With the multiple craft options that you get in New World, you get tons of ways to make your best equipment. It takes a lot of time to gather materials and increase your levels to 200, but it is worth the work. Furthermore, to increase your chance to craft a Legendary, you can add bonuses like food, armor, town buffs, etc. Above all, you’ll have the option to make New World Items for the rest of your company.  

Buying from the Trading Post: The most straightforward way to gather Legendary Weapons and Armor is to buy them from the Trading Post. Depending on the stats/perks on the item, the price to pay will surely go higher. Therefore, you’ll need to gather towns of New World Gold coins into your pocket. Even though this is practically expensive, the community that loves PvP activities can rely on this method.

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