OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide

Old School Runescape's Ironman Crafting guide

OSRS ironman

What is crafting?

Crafting is a skill in Oldschool Runescape that allows players to craft various useful items in the game. A player can craft items such as pottery, jewelry and armor. Crafting is one of the most important skills for any Ironman, as it allows you to unlock various useful armors and jewelery pieces. Often, you’ll be able to earn some OSRS gold in the process, but if you want to achieve the fastest XP rates, you’ll have to spend large amounts of it.

Since this guide is aimed at ironmen and you cannot buy OSRS gold, you’ll have to earn it yourself. This guide is also aimed at group Ironmen, so everything I mention here also applies to those who want to share their Ironman adventures with their friends. Typically, the best way for Ironmen to level up the craft is Glassblowing, and that’s what this guide will mainly focus on.


Early level progression

Quests:  Getting those first levels up is usually the most difficult step, and for crafting and other skills it is best to do quests to reach the first levels. If you decide to level up this way, you should do the following quests. All of these quests have relatively low skill requirements, so it is highly advisable to do them. If you are trying to be as efficient as possible while playing Old School Runescape, you should definitely do these quests, since this is the best way to advance your character. In the later levels, the amount of experience you get from these quests will be much more insignificant. I will list the quests in the order you should do them.

The quests are: Sheep Shearer, Goblin Diplomacy, Misthalin Mystery, Dwarf cannon, Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Goblin Generals, Murder Mystery, Observatory Quest, Elemental workshop I, Elemental Workshop II, Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Goblin Generals. These quests should give you a total of 12,500 crafting XP (as well as additional XP for various skills), bringing you to level 29.

Crafting:  If you choose to level crafting from level 1, you can start in several ways: You can either start directly with glassblowing, or increase your combat stats along with crafting by killing cows and tanning their hides to make them into armor pieces such as gloves, boots, and low level range armor. You can also start crafting by shearing cows and spinning their wool into balls of wool, but this is much slower. When you have had enough of the low-level crafting, you can move on to glassblowing.


 Glassblowing is a form of crafting that uses molten glass to create various glass objects. All you have to do is make the highest-level item you can. Crafting this way is fairly AFK and does not require much effort, even though it’s not that easy to get everything you need to make the molten glass.

To make molten glass, a player needs to combine soda ash with a bucket of sand at a furnace. This process can be done most efficiently in the Edgeville furnace. Alternatively, you can use a spell from the Lunar spellbook called Superglass Make.

When you use Superglass, Make you can replace the soda ash with either seaweed, giant seaweed or swamp weed. When you use the spell, you also get a 30% bonus to the yield, meaning the player gets 1.3 molten glass per use.

To gather soda ash a player will need to farm giant seaweed. In the underwater area of Fossil Island, there are algae patches where you must plant seaweed spores to grow giant seaweed. Players can do this at level 23 farming. To get large amounts of seaweed spores you need to kill Lobstrosities in the underwater area of Fossil Island.

You can only kill them with the brine sabre, the trident of the seas or with magic. Also, to kill these creatures, the player needs a slayer level of 47. Once you have planted and harvested the seaweed you can use any of the methods i mentioned above to use it to make molten glass.

To collect buckets of sand, a player must mine sandstone in the Quarry and grind it by using the grinder called Sandstorm. Each time a player mines sandstone, they receive a random amount of it, and this increases or decreases the total amount of buckets of sand from the grinder. To get buckets of sand, the player must first give noted empty buckets to an NPC named Drew, who you can find near the grinder. He will ask for 50 OSRS gold coins per bucket of sand.

Alternative methods

Alternatively, a player can buy buckets of sand and soda ash from charter ship merchants. It is best if the merchant is located near a bank or depost box, such as in Port Khazard or Catherby. You will need a certain of OSRS gold for this, so be aware of that.

Since you’ll be killing various monsters during your gameplay anyway, you should collect all the raw materials you need for crafting. This includes hides, gems, staffs, etc. Once you have collected enough, just craft them into usable or alchable items.


Crafting is a very easy skill to level, but only if you have the resources. You often spend more time gathering the raw materials than actually crafting. And since you are an iron man, it is a waste to look for OSRS items for sale since you cannot trade. If you want to spend more time on other activities and crafting is not your thing, you can always look for OSRS accounts for sale. If you are playing the group ironman mode you can ask your teammate to do the work for you, or maybe amount 

even agree on a fair trade. I wish you the best of luck in your adventure and wish you every success!

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