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With the ever-changing business landscape, you also have to evolve yourself to adjust to the current business environment. ERP (enterprise resource planning) is companies’ procedure to manage different business operations. As a result of digital advancements, ERP software applications are now available that allow businesses to streamline resource planning in a hassle-free way.

You can integrate marketing, planning, human resources, finance, inventory, and other essential aspects of the business. ERP systems act as the glue that keeps all computer systems together means you can access the systems of all departments by a single application on one interface. 


ERP software allows you to share business-related information easily with different company departments. It gathers information about various activities of the company and shares it with the relevant individuals.

This way, all departments stay updated and on the same page to run the business activities smoothly. You must leverage the ERP software that will impact your business growth positively and help you keep track of your operational matters. Let’s find some ERP software that will efficiently meet your business needs.


Acumatica is one of those ERP applications that has evolved quite a bit recently. It is emerging that they focus on the particular marketplace niche, which is manufacturing distribution organizations.

If you are running a high-margin and low-volume type of manufacturing company, then it can be the perfect fit for you. 

This software is a significant development for enterprise resource planning. It is known as a cost-efficient solution that ensures excellent ROI. Because it has a unique pricing model that costs you based on transaction volumes.

If you have low volume and moderate high-margin products, it can be a very reasonable choice for you. With an extensive user interface, it can be the perfect choice to take your business forward on the track of success. 


The Oracle system is an integrated application that portrays a clear picture of your operations and finances in front of you. It contains IoT and blockchain capabilities that help to connect your operational, customer, machine, and product data. 

It provides solutions for various industries that make it a perfect choice for many businesses. Many investors looking to invest in infrastructure and tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence also prefer Oracle due to its latest cloud offerings.

Microsoft D365

One of the main reasons Microsoft 365 can be valid for your business needs is its multiple solutions. It provides you with business-centric solutions suited to small and large organizations. It also helps manage your finances and operations. 

So, it provides two different systems to meet distinct needs for companies belonging to other industries. Additionally, it also provides you with the user interface of Microsoft that provides you with great flexibility. Another great side of Microsoft dynamics is integrating it easily with other systems. 


The infor systems are built on CloudSuites that contain AI and pre-built industry specifications, which recommend and anticipate helpful business insights. These CloudSuites also offer workflow integration and cloud-enabled data aggregation that positively impact your operations. 

In the recent past, Infor has shifted focus on the CloudSuites, functional applications, analytics, and digital platforms. Many business companies have started to implement the analytics capabilities of the Infor to enhance their business model and improve productivity. 


The NetSuite system is built on the cloud-native architecture that offers a variety of cloud solutions. It provides you visibility in real-time to how your company’s finance and operational matters are going. Once you have access to all these affairs in real-time, you can make timely decisions to improve the company’s progress. 

The application is designed to meet your different business needs, from warehouse management to accounting. Also, whether you are a startup or large-scale organization, you do not have to worry about your company’s size as it is feasible for every company.


The IFS applications are designed to meet the needs of various industries. From aerospace to engineering, manufacturing to services, it is an all-in-one solution for all types of enterprises. Technological advancements like augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial learning are integrated into this ERP software. Utilizing IFS allows you to gather valuable data that can play a crucial role in your business decision-making. 


The SYSPRO system consists of functionalities specifically related to the manufacturing and distributors industries. It has a fabulous market presence in Europe and is slowly making its way to the US market. 

Manufacturing management software and distribution management software, for example, are two forms of software. Both these applications provide no code or low code customization in business intelligence. 


The Rootstock system offers a feasible solution for the distributors, supply chain companies, and manufacturers. You can manage your company’s financial matters, and it also has multi-currency and reporting capabilities. It also supports inventory management, multi-dimensional manufacturing, and e-commerce scalability. So, it also allows you to manage your products online if you are running an ecommerce business. 


This application is known as the comprehensive manufacturing ERP system that specifically meets the needs of mid-market manufacturers. The batch and discrete process manufacturers usually prefer this solution designed to handle the functionality of the whole manufacturing process. One of the essential features of this application is the touchscreen-based shop floor that interfaces with configurable work center dashboards. 

Sage X3 

Sage X3 is a basic financial system well-suited to various manufacturing and distribution businesses. It is also known as the complete business management solution that provides you control over the financial visibility of your company. Also, it contains a customizable configuration that gives you the flexibility to drive business success and accomplish your business goals. 

Bonus: Fabsoft

Automate your business workflow from any document application that uses recurring transactions. Over the years, Fabsoft has grown from a variable data printing software to a very powerful delivery solution that can deliver to any on-premises or cloud solution.


In today’s digital landscape, it has become essential for businesses across the globe to leverage the latest applications and tools. Choosing the right ERP software as per your business needs is the first step you can take for your company’s better future. You will keep track of your different financial and operational affairs with ease to improve your decision-making big time. You’ll be able to assess and quantify what’s excellent for your company’s growth and what could impede it. So you can modify your business strategies accordingly.

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