Total War Warhammer III: How to Get and Redeem Ogre Kingdoms DLC for Free

Ogre Kingdoms

If you’re looking to get the latest Ogre Kingdoms DLC for Total Wars: Warhammer III, you can now play it for free with the PC Game Pass. You can also purchase the game on Steam or on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10/11. If you’re an early adopter, you can even get the Ogre Kingdoms DLC for free, but you need to act quickly. This deal ends on February 24.

You can download the Ogre Kingdoms DLC for free from Steam. However, you have to purchase the rest of the game first in order to receive it.


You need to redeem the Ogre Kingdoms DLC in order to get the Ogre Kingdoms DLC for free! But you can only get the Ogre Kingdoms DLC if you purchase the game first. If you’re not planning to buy the game right away, you can wait until then.

How to redeem the Ogre Kingdoms DLC in PC Game Pass

First step: The players must install the game. play it and then go into the menu. There’s an offer to purchase Ogre Kingdoms on the main menu.

Step 2. Click on the offer link and sign in/register your Total War Access account.

Step 3. After this step is completed the players will be directed to a web page that requires them to connect to their Total War Access account to their Microsoft Xbox account.

Step 4: Now, simply get the code from the dashboard.

Step 5: Redeem the code on either the Xbox website or the Xbox app for PC.

What Does the Ogre Kingdoms DLC Includes?

The Ogre Kingdoms DLC is available for free to pre-ordered games. It features two playable legendary lords and a new narrative campaign.

If you’re interested in getting this DLC, you’ll have to pay a small price to get it. But once you’ve paid for the game, you can also receive the Ogre Kingdoms DLC for free.

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