How To Unlock Ships in Lost Ark

Ships in Lost Ark

In order to progress in the game, you must unlock ships in Lost Ark in order to travel to the continents. This way, you will be able to do your gear progression solo and access areas that are only accessible by sea. Moreover, you will be able to do island quests that are otherwise unobtainable. This article will show you how to unlock a ship in Lost Ark. We will also go over how to fix the disk writer error and get all the needed ships.

A ship is an important part of the game, and you should try to unlock it as soon as possible. Sailing is introduced later on in the game, and it will give you more options for activities and quests.


Once you unlock a ship, you can then upgrade it or get blueprints for a new one. Once you unlock sailing in Lost Ark, you will be able to sail the world with ease. You must complete specific quests and tasks in order to unlock a ship.

How to Unlock Ships in Lost Ark?

The process of unlocking ships is simple. You can use the materials in Merchant Ships or ports to improve your ship’s durability and speed. You can also outfit your ship with crew members.

To unlock a particular ship, you must complete the Set Sail quest. This is the first ship you can use in Lost Ark. You get the Quest Set Sail after you reach the Levels somewhere near 35 to 37.

Then, you can proceed with the quest to unlock more ships. Once you have unlocked the Astray Ship, you can move on to the other eight. By completing quests, you can find Ship Blueprints that will help you upgrade your ships.

Once you have unlocked your first ship, you can start sailing. This ship can be used to explore the map, and it can be accessed via a portal. However, it can damage when it sails in rough waters. To repair the ship, you must drive near a dock, click on the Y key, and then click on the “Repair” button. Once your ship is repaired, you can use it again. You can unlock even more ships later.

How to Use Ships in Lost Ark?

To use a Ship in Lost Ark, you just need to open up the Map and then click on the Set Sail button. You can also enter your Ship through the Port.

Usually, you can choose from three different ships at the beginning of the game, but you will need to fulfil several requirements to get all of them. Besides, there are six types of Hazardous Waters that your ship will face. The more stable and powerful your ship is, the more chances you have of survival. In Lost Ark, you can unlock Ships that can assist you in the different missions and POIs in the game.

If you want to hire sailors, you must hire them in ports, which will let you earn some ocean-exclusive currency. These currency items will help you to upgrade your ships. You can also upgrade your crew members.
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