What is the Right Height of the Chair and Table for My Child?

Chair for Kids

E-commerce has changed the way people shop. Technology has caught up with the demands of shoppers for quality items, fast turnaround, and affordable products. Now, they do not have to leave their homes to buy the items that they need.

However, there are also limitations when you buy online. For instance, you can’t touch and inspect the items closely. There can be a stark difference in the appearance and quality between the online images and the actual items. It is the same issue that some parents have when trying to buy kids tables and chairs online.


For instance, how do they know that it is the right size for their children? Especially now, with the global pandemic, parents are hesitant to send their children to school. They are trying to find solutions for homeschooling or blended learning, which would cut the number of hours for face-to-face instructions.

Even without the pandemic, it is recommended that you set up a study area for your learners at home. In that way, the switch on their “school mode” when they sit on these tables and chairs. You can influence their minds into being more open to learning.

Once you establish the parameters, they know there is time for play and there is time to be serious.

12-24 months 14 inches 6-9 inches
18-36 months 15 inches 7-9 inches
24-36 months 16 inches 7-10 inches
24-36 months 17 inches 7-10 inches
24-36 months 18 inches 8-12 inches
24-36 months 19 inches 9-13 inches
4-5 years old 20 inches 10-16 inches
4-5 years old 21 inches 11-17 inches
4-5 years old 22 inches 12-18 inches
4-5 years old 23 inches 13-18 inches
6-8 years old 24 inches 16-18 inches
6-8 years old 25 inches 17-18 inches
8 years old+ 26 inches+ 18 inches+


Keep the guidelines outlined above when you order kids tables and chairs online to avoid any mistakes. When buying for children, go one size bigger because it would be much easier for them to adjust than being forced to sit on a smaller chair.

Another idea worth considering is to order a mini-computer desk chair for your kids. These chairs are completely adjustable and ergonomic. This will help them avoid back and neck pain even when they are sitting for prolonged periods. The computer chair for kids is also very stylish, which will motivate them to study even harder.  It will enhance the study area with all the bright colours and unique designs you can choose from.

Besides, the computer chair makes them feel like an adult, especially if they see mum and dad working on their big computer chairs.

Make sure there is ample space on the underside of the table where your kid’s laps should be. The rule of thumb is the space in between should be at least seven inches to give them enough elbow room to move their legs up and down. The last thing you want is for your kids to be uncomfortable. When that happens, they become fidgety and their attention span drops significantly. Instead of concentrating on their lessons, they would be changing their positions often as they try to find the sweet spot.

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