What if we told you that there is a way to invest in gold and it’s done electronically? You won’t even have to visit a jeweller anymore or find the closest one around! In fact, you will not even be leaving your home!

Being a gold investor, you would want your investment to be as easy and convenient as other investments. However, we all know gold investments have had more than their fair share of complications.

A new chapter for your investments has started with an evolution in the gold market. Now, people are trading in digital gold. With this evolution, you can redeem and transact your investment through a digital platform and safeguard yourself from market volatility. At the forefront, we have Gold investments being made online with services like sovereign gold bond schemes.

What are the benefits of digital gold over physical gold?

  • Less expensive

You may not have thought about it but digital gold has no manufacturing costs. This means that the profits are almost entirely dependent on the price of the gold. If you buy digital gold, you could wait for months or even years to redeem them because there is no making cost involved. The cost to purchase it is far lower than its value when you redeem it in digital form. You can check this for yourself by looking up gold rate today proddatur or for any city. See more.

  • Less cost to store it

Another important factor that most people tend to overlook is the cost of holding precious metals. It’s actually very costly in terms of maintenance, security and insurance. If you buy physical gold, you need to pay for storage, transportation and insurance costs.

With digital gold, these costs are eliminated as your provider holds your gold for you in a secure vault.

  • Digital gold is risk-free

 Authenticity is a problem with physical gold. Gold is heavy and can be stolen, and the seller of the physical gold might not be trustworthy. Digital gold solves this problem by being a digital token that is guaranteed by trusted parties to be authentic and being exchangeable for certified 24k gold with a purity of 99.99%.

  • More liquid

Liquidity is an issue with physical gold. Even though you can use gold to pay for goods and services, it is difficult to find someone accepting gold as payment. However, digital gold solves this problem since it can be sold anytime and anywhere making it very liquid.

This is an important distinction because in the past when you wanted to buy or sell gold you would have to go through a dealer and typically would have to wait for them to have inventory in order for them to buy from you or sell to you.  With digital gold you just need to know today gold rate in Vijayawada or whichever city you live in and then sell it online from anywhere.

  • More secure

A major problem with physical gold is that it can be stolen anytime. However, with digital gold there are no chances of theft hence your investment is secure.

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