A massive cyberattack has struck Samsung. A hacker group called Lapsus$ is claiming to have stolen 190GB of data including confidential company data and source code. The hackers claim to have been hired by the group Lapsus$ to steal the data and have made it available online. The data breaches are the first of their kind to affect the company, and the hack has raised questions about how Samsung will respond.

The hackers behind the Samsung Data breach have claimed responsibility for the hack, and they’re demanding a ransom from the company. They’ve also released screenshots of the stolen data and a downloadable file-set.

A screenshot of the code of a Samsung software application open in an editor shows a malicious program. The contents of the hack were shared via BitTorrent, where 400 peers have downloaded and shared the stolen data.

The hackers used the stolen data to demand a ransom from Samsung. While it’s not yet clear if they’re seeking a ransom from Samsung, it’s hard to say whether they’re targeting other companies or just a small number of consumers.

The hack is still ongoing, but it’s already costing the company a significant amount of money. It’s important to remember that it’s impossible to be protected against every kind of attack, so any data you have stored online is at risk.

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