Take the reins of your life and do something you’ve always wanted to do! If you have ever dreamed of flying in Minecraft, you’re going to love this guide on how to fly in Minecraft survival mode with Elytra! Everything from how to build an Elytra, where to find them in-game, and how to start flying in Minecraft Survival Mode with Elytra will be outlined here. So buckle up and let’s get started!

What Is Elytra in Minecraft?

Want to fly around in Minecraft but can’t find any sheep? Elytra are a new item that you can craft that allows you to glide around and have a truly unique experience.

Not only do they look cool, but they’re also extremely useful if you want to go exploring in creative mode. Today we’ll show you how to get started with crafting them and what it takes for you to finally learn how to fly in Minecraft.

Where to Find Elytra in Minecraft?mine

As of Minecraft 1.9, you can find elytra in end cities, which are found randomly in The End dimension. Sometimes a chest will contain elytra; other times it will be a bonus item for defeating a villager.

If you don’t want to run through the entire dimension looking for an end city, though, there’s another way: crafting them.

Elytra can be obtained from the End ship, floating off of some End cities in the outer End. It can be found within the hull of the ship, inside of an item frame. It is guarded by a single shulker.

How to Fly with Elytra in Minecraft Survival Mode?

Before we start, a quick heads up: there’s no such thing as flying in Minecraft. However, you can use an item called Elytra to fly somewhat close to flying.

For those who have never heard of Elytra before (don’t worry, it was added recently), they are items that allow you to glide through the air after you jump while wearing them.

Flying Tips & Tricks

If you’re just learning how to fly in Minecraft, these tips and tricks will help you get off of the ground quickly. First off, it’s important to note that flying in Minecraft is possible on both creative and survival modes.

However, flying on survival mode does come with some additional challenges. The most noticeable challenge comes from obtaining your first pair of elytra wings. After that, though, many things start working in your favor!

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