PUBG MOBILE Cycle 2 Season 5 Adds New C2S5 Redemption Shop


PUBG is celebrating its 4th anniversary now and as part of the celebration, the new PUBG MOBILE Cycle 2 Season 5 is also here. The new PUBG MOBILE Cycle 2 Season 5 introduces a new C2S5-themed Redemption Shop. Players can purchase exclusive gear in the C2S5-themed shop.

Other new items include commemorative titles, a set of C2S5 glasses, C2S5 parachutes, C2S5 Set, C2S5 Parachute, C2S5 – MK14, C2S5 Mask, and the C2S5 Cover. In addition, there are also new missions and rewards that can be earned for Cycle Memories. The game is also tweaking its Survival Rating calculation to consider player recalls, and it is also adjusting the ranges of the teams.

New C2S5 Redemption Shop
New C2S5 Redemption Shop

All these new features and upgrades are now available as part of the PUBG Mobile update 1.9.0. Notably, the latest PUBG Mobile update 1.9.0 is now live for Android and iOS devices. Players who download the update between March 21 and March 22 will receive a free Nocturnal Rhapsody helmet, 3,000 Battle Points, and 100 Ace Gold.

This update is designed to improve the experience for the game’s community and will include a new, 4th Anniversary Celebration-themed gameplay mode. You’ll also find a new Livik and Erangel themed map. The new game update also introduces a dye-able statue that allows players to color giant statues.

commemorative titles

The new C2S5 Redemption Shop will allow players to buy items, skins, and even maps that are exclusive to the game. The new items will be available to players in Ranked and Unranked modes.

This update also adds the Season system and adjusts the challenge point protection. The game’s new redemption shop is a great way to get all of the gear you need for your upcoming match.



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