The Valorant practice range or shooting range is currently disabled, affecting players in Latin America, Brazil, and North America. The company has not shared a timeframe for the practice mode’s return, but the community is encouraged to stay tuned to its Twitter account to stay updated on its status.

Until that time, the community is advised to take advantage of the new, improved matchmaking in the core game. This is expected to come in the near future, but there’s no guarantee.

Riot Games has confirmed that the shooting range and custom games have been temporarily disabled, but has not yet revealed when these will be implemented. The issue with the practice range stems from the fact that the instances are taking up disproportionate server resources.

In order to make the shooting and practice range experience better for all players, the company has taken the feedback into account and has resolved the issue. But the range is not available in all regions.

The shooting range and practice modes on the Valorant website still appear to be inaccessible. While the game isn’t affected by the problem, players should be able to play custom games and enjoy other games with their friends.

The shooting range is an important part of Valorant, so it should be disabled in order to avoid conflict between players. However, the devs aren’t saying anything about it publicly yet. Despite the announcement, Riot has confirmed that the new features will come after the game is released.

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