After Intel and AMD, the NVIDIA Corporation has confirmed that they will no longer sell their products in the Russian Federation. The company did not elaborate but stated that the decision is due to the “unlawful activities” of the Russian government. All sales of Nvidia products are suspended. Microsoft also stated that they will not sell their products in Russia. AMD and Intel both have already stopped their sales in the country.

The reason why Nvidia has halted sales in Russia is unclear. It did not give a specific reason for the suspension, but it is not the first US technology firm to take similar actions.

Apple has stopped selling its products in Russia, Microsoft has suspended all new product sales to the country, and Intel and AMD have ceased all new supply of their products in Russia.

Intel statement on War in Ukraine, Source: Intel

Although there are no details on the specific reason for the suspension, the move is undoubtedly a major setback for both companies.

The company did not offer an explanation for the suspension but said that all sales in Russia were halted. A spokesperson for Nvidia did not clarify why the company has decided to halt all sales to Russia.

While Nvidia is the only tech company to announce such a drastic move, other major US companies have also taken similar measures. Microsoft has labeled the actions of the Russian government as illegal and has cancelled all new sales to Russia.


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