Achates Guardian

In the Lost Ark, the boss Achates is the final Level 3 Raid Guardian, which players must unlock in order to fight him. In order to fight Achates, you must have a maximum Item Level of 920 to be able to equip these weapons. You can also use his wings to inflict immense damage, but you must be careful as you cannot stand on rift cracks. Check out our Lost Ark Achates Guardian Raid Boss Fight Mechanics Guide.

Lost Ark Achates Guardian Raid Boss Fight Mechanics Guide

To kill the Achates Guardian, use your Combat Items and Combat Skills. You can also make use of 4 Statues and a Corrosive Bomb. During this encounter, the Achates Guardian will release waves of attacks that will hit the player and guardian.

These attacks will be difficult to avoid, but you must follow the proper steps in order to defeat them. The game has several different bosses, each with its own strategy, and you must be familiar with all of them.

There are three variants of the Guardian boss fight. The statue drops 5 stones, with two matching the color of Achates’ shield. You can play as the protector and pick different colored stones to protect each other.

A minute after the boss has been exposed, Achates will begin gathering energy in his wings. You must use your Combat Skills to protect yourself from these attacks and to withstand them for as long as possible.

How to Defeat Achates

When you battle Achates, you’ll discover that he can be extremely damaging. In order to counteract this, use your wings. This move will knock the Achates off balance and cause him to take immense damage.

You can also use his wings to harm enemies and come back up to the top to do it again. You can use this strategy to kill several enemies with one shot. The key to avoiding this damage is to be able to get the right buff at the right time.

You should keep in mind that the Achates attack only happens when he is enraged. When he is angry, he will collect energy and then unleash his deadly attack. This attack can also be accompanied by light orbs that deal additional damage.

The best way to defeat Achates is to stay aware of its mechanics. This is not an easy game, so make sure you know what you’re doing.

The Achates Guardian’s attacks will come in waves. You should be ready to dodge each wave, and avoid the Achates Guardian when it makes a swing. The Achates Guardian can also be avoided by moving perpendicular to the player.

This technique will prevent Achates from resuming his attack mode. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to defeat him, and it’s possible to do so if you follow the tips in this guide.

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