Hogwarts Legacy Broom Flight (Flying) Guide

Broom Flight

The first trailer for Hogwarts Legacy showed off the broom flight mechanic. The game’s developers are still working on the mechanic, which is tied to the broomstick class. The broom flight could be the game’s main focus in the future. However, it is not clear how players will access the new mechanic. For the time being, players can learn about it in the game’s tutorial.

What is Flying aka Broom Flight in Hogwarts Legacy?

Flying, also known as Broom Flight Class, was a subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was taught by Madam Rolanda Hooch, the Hogwarts Flying Instructor and Quidditch referee. The subject taught students how to fly broomsticks.


The broom flight mode is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the game, and the developer Avalanche Software is working to make it accessible to a broad audience. The brooms themselves are not the only things that will be in-game, but the way in which players can fly on them.

Players will be able to fly on broomsticks in Hogwarts Legacy. The game’s trailer shows a variety of brooms, including the popular Nimbus 2000 and Hippogriff. As the game’s name suggests, broom flying is a key feature of the game.

YouTube video

The broom flight in Hogwarts Legacy is not as easy as it sounds. The trailer shows brooms floating in mid-air. The brooms are controlled by a controller, but they are controlled with the right joysticks.

Despite the difficulty in flying in video games, the developers hope to make it as accessible as possible. Until then, players should expect more details to come out about this new feature.

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