Insurgency Operation: Glasshouse Update 1.12 is Coming Soon

Glasshouse Update

As Insurgency: Sandstorm continues to make major updates, the latest one is the upcoming Operation: Glasshouse update 1.12. While it is unclear exactly what this new map entails, it appears to take place in a prison. If this is true, then this update will be a big one. Here’s what you can expect from it. Listed below are some of the features you’ll be able to take advantage of with Operation: Glasshouse.

Weapons now come with a new skin – you can save this one until you remove it, which is a major improvement for players. Also, the Credits Screen has Turkish text overrun on it.


Enemy AI has been improved to be more accurate and react faster. Smoke no longer blocks bullets and enemies take longer to react to it. Finally, enemies will now retreat from live C4 if they’re shot.

Another addition to this game is an Ambush mode. In this mode, you have to hunt down a VIP and eliminate them. The new game mode will add an Ambush menu to the Settings Menu. This will allow you to select which VIP to attack.

If you select “Allow” during the setting process, it will enable you to select an elite player and unlock their cosmetics.

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