Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is a service that allows multiple users to share a single subscription, but now the company is planning to offer a family plan. The plan will be similar to the ones offered by Spotify and Nintendo Switch Online. A central account holder will manage multiple subscriptions, and all members of the family will be billed at the same price. Although Microsoft hasn’t publicly confirmed a launch date, it is expected sometime this year.

According to sources familiar with Microsoft’s efforts, the new service would be a lot more affordable than five separate accounts. It would also allow for more players to participate in multiplayer games, and it would be more convenient for parents to oversee the accounts of multiple family members.

The plan would cost less than five individual Xbox Game Pass accounts, and one person would be responsible for all of them. And because of its popularity, Microsoft will likely announce it soon.

The Xbox Game Pass family plan will be available to four or more players within the same country. This new service will be cheaper than five separate subscriptions for five different people.

In addition to being more affordable, it will also be easier to manage than the individual plans. As for the pricing, Microsoft is not revealing it just yet, but we can expect it to cost $15 per month, making it a more accessible option for families.


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