OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 12 Open Beta Build F.10 Released

OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord is finally receiving it’s second OxygenOS 12 Open Beta build F.10 update. This update is a bit rough around the edges, but OnePlus has issued a hotfix to resolve some known issues including the sound plays abnormally bug. It is now available for download via OTA, so if you’re not using a beta device yet, you can get it before it’s stable. Then, to install the new build, go to Settings > System> Updates, and then select “Local upgrade.”

Notably, the latest OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 12 open beta update comes with build number F.10 and weighs just 60MB. In terms of change, the new build fixes the issue of audio playing abnormally.


OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 12 Open Beta Update F.10 Changelog:

  • System
    • Fixed the issue that sound plays abnormally

The latest beta build is now rolling out to users who already have installed the first beta on their OnePlus Nord device. If you want to check if the latest build update is available to your device then you can head navigate to Settings > System > System updates.

The update brings a few new features to the OnePlus Nord, including a smart battery feature and three adjustable dark mode levels. Other new features are smaller redesigns of the gallery, Shelf, and Canvas AOD. The update also promises automatic switching between work and life modes, letting you save battery power by choosing a mode that works for you. It’s best to wait for this update before purchasing an OxygenOS 12 Open Beta.

The update also brings some significant changes to the software. While OxygenOS 12 is essentially a third-party skin, it’s feature-rich and offers some unique features, but it’s missing a clean aesthetic. There is also a minor issue with anti-shake in Snapchat. In addition to these issues, you may notice some screen flickering when previewing pictures.

OnePlus promises that the updates will last for at least three years. While Xiaomi and OnePlus have not confirmed an official update policy for their phones, it’s likely that the OnePlus N10 5G and the OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 12 Open Beta update build F.10 are compatible with the flagship OnePlus N10 5G.

This update is currently available in open beta and can be downloaded right from the OnePlus website.


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