Ramadan 2022: India Sehri and Iftar Timings (Time Table)


Sehri and iftar timing is important during Ramadan 2022, the holy month of Islam. During this holy month, Muslims fast from dawn till sunset and indulge in the sacrificial food known as Sehri. For India, iftar and unless timings are dependent on the location of the crescent moon.

Sehri and iftar timing in India is a very important factor during Ramadan. These timings are important because it is a way to determine the exact time to break the fast. This year, Muslims are worried that the novel coronavirus that has been circulating in the country may affect their fasting. To avoid any inconvenience, Muslims are advised to plan their meals accordingly.


Ramadan 2022: Sehri and Iftar TimeTable in India

In India, if you are observing the holy month, you should make sure you know the exact dates and timing of iftar and Sehri.

104:49 am6:41 pm

204:47 am6:42 pm
304:46 am6:42 pm
404:45 am6:43 pm
504:43 am6:43 pm
604:42 am6:44 pm
704:41 am6:45 pm
804:40 am6:45 pm
904:38 am6:46 pm
1004:37 am6:46 pm
1104:36 am6:47 pm

1204:35 am6:47 pm
1304:33 am6:48 pm
1404:32 am6:48 pm
1504:31 am6:49 pm
1604:30 am6:50 pm
1704:28 am6:50 pm
1804:27 am6:51 pm
1904:26 am6:51 pm
2004:25 am6:52 pm
2104:24 am6:53 pm
2204:22 am6:53 pm
2304:21 am6:54 pm
2404:20 am6:54 pm
2504:19 am6:55 pm
2604:18 am6:55 pm
2704:17 am6:56 pm
2804:16 am6:57 pm
2904:15 am6:57 pm
3004:13 am6:58 pm

Below are the timings of Sehri and Iftar based on Different Indian cities.

Ahmadabad05:32 AM06:51 PM
Amritsar04:36 AM05:57 PM
Ajmer05:21 AM06:45 PM
Bangalore05:21 AM06:45 PM
Chennai05:04 AM06:20 PM
Chandigarh05:10 AM06:35 PM
Delhi05:10 AM06:33 PM
Gurgaon05:10 AM06:34 PM
Hyderabad05:10 AM06:30 PM
Indore05:19 AM06:40 PM
Jaipur05:16 AM06:40 PM
Jodhpur05:28 AM06:50 PM
Kanpur04:59 AM06:20 PM
Kolhapur05:27 AM06:47 PM
Kolkata05:29 AM05:47 PM
Lucknow05:56 AM 06:18 PM
Ludhiana05:13 AM06:39 PM
Mumbai05:32 AM06:49 PM
Noida05:09 AM06:32 PM
Pune05:28 AM06:48 PM
Patna04:40 AM06:00 PM
Patiala05:12 AM06:37 PM

The moon’s position also affects the timings of the two daily prayers. If a Muslim fast during this holy month, it is advised to do so while it is still light outside. It is important for Muslims to follow these timings to ensure that their fast is not disrupted by the solar eclipse.

If you are spending the holy month of Ramadan in India, you must learn the exact Sehri and iftar timings in the country. You should make sure that you observe the correct timing for your prayer and iftar.

You must also learn the proper timing of fasting in India. The Sehri and iftar times are crucial if you are fasting in the country.

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