SEGA Says The Future of Gaming Includes NFTs and Cloud


SEGA has revealed the details of its five-year plan for the future of gaming, which could include the integration of NFTs into its next super game, SuperGame. This move could be a response to last year’s cancellation of its experimentation with NFTs. Masayoshi Kikuchi, SEGA’s President, said that NFTs will help gamers connect with one another in a new way. He cited examples such as social networking and game expansion. He also hinted at the possibility of live streaming to increase the number of people playing a game.

Sega has revealed that it is working on several projects with NFTs and cloud technology. One of these projects will be a multi-platform game with simultaneous worldwide releases. Another will be cloud gaming.


According to the executives, “The Future of Gaming Includes NFTs and Cloud,” and they believe that the future of gaming includes both technologies. Sega has said that it will invest over $800 million in these projects and plans to have multiple titles in the market by 2030.

The future of gaming is evolving rapidly. Not only are NFTs becoming more widely used, but SEGA has even registered the NFT trademark with the Japan Patent Office. Although the company was previously against NFTs, it has now decided to backtrack from its NFT plans due to negative reactions from fans.

But SEGA is still committed to making a new SuperGame in the next five years, and it could involve the use of NFTs and cloud technology in its new flagship products.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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