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With the ever-rising integration of Wi-Fi, cloud computing applications and mobile networks, almost all business organisations are making sure that their data is protected from criminals.

A recent study published by you off labour statistics claims that the cyber security sector is set to grow by 31% by the end of this decade, backing their study up with the latest job openings internationally.

This further emphasise is on the importance of cyber security training by undergoing a professional programme from abroad and the benefits that come along with continued learning and consistently improving yourself in this trending business sector, to apply for which students don’t need to hold any previous experience or qualification.

This article talks about all the advantages of completing a cyber security course from Singapore and how can it help you play a song foundation for preparing yourself for the many jobs available in the field and choosing the right one for yourself.

What are some of the skills that you need to possess to learn cyber security applications?

When applying for a postgraduate diploma in cyber security in Singapore, you are expected to possess a broad range of soft and hard skills but then ultimately let you take up positions such as that of a chief information security officer, digital forensic expert, cyber security analysts and information security and junior instead

Here’s a list of the technical acumen that you’ll be able to develop as a cyber security diploma candidate here in Singapore.

  • The ability to handle Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems
  • Implement ethical hacking, threat modelling and trending coding practises
  • Knowledge of networking security software and hardware
  • A good grounding of security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Ability to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests
  • Familiarity with a diverse array of a malware attack framework
  • Knowledge of thriving programming languages, Java, PHP, C++, C#
  • A solid foundation of the fundamentals of computer sciences

Cyber security professionals are typically considered part of the IT department, the team within an organisation that calls for experts who have active listening and communication skills.

Some of the soft skills required to complete a cyber security diploma from Singapore include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Technical and creative problem solving
  • Adaptability

All postgraduate diplomas in cyber security starting in Singapore will not only help you kick off your information security career but also add a solid degree to your resume that potential employers may find impressive.

Apply to the range of cyber security courses that Singapore has to offer you and stay relevant with the newfound innovations churned out by the information technology security industry, or even just supplement your current professional experience and education with a specialism.

To learn more about how to evaluate your existing skills before you enrol into a cyber security programme, reach out to us and take a step closer to gaining practical experience that is highly crucial for lucrative entry-level jobs, and becoming a manager.

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