Dead by Daylight

A pre-PTB build for the next Dead by Daylight chapter has been leaked online. The new chapter will have two playable characters – a Killer and a Survivor. The Killer will have access to the lockers where the survivors can store their items. When a healthy Survivor is killed, the Nightfall Meter will rise. If the Survivor uses the Teleport power, the Nightfall Meter will increase as well.

While there is no official release date for the next Dead by Daylight chapter, we can expect it to drop sometime in February or March of 2023. The last chapter of the game, Sadako Rising, was released on March 8, 2022, meaning that players will be waiting a long time.

The new Dead by Daylight 24 theme is expected to make players even more excited, but Behaviour Interactive has not confirmed anything just yet. Nonetheless, the leaks point to big changes coming soon.

This leak has also revealed that the next Dead by Daylight chapter will be based on The Conjuring universe. A map was leaked online, and it was based on the graveyard of The Nun. The map was leaked without permission on a Dead by Daylight leaks Discord channel, so these are early development leaks.

But a Dead by Daylight next chapter is coming soon. There are already rumors about this crossover including Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. And as for the Killer, we will see a medieval knight-themed character in the game.


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