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On Tuesday, GamersGate announced the Path of Exile Sentinel Update 3.18.0 patch notes, the first major update since the game’s release. Notably, Sentinel is the new DLC that will be available soon for players as part of the new Sentinel 3.18.0 update.

This update does not change class balance, but it improves the endgame and adds more content and diversity. The game’s developer, Grinding Gear Games (GGG), said that the update is an experiment that may not affect class balance in the future. Nonetheless, players should remain patient.

New features in the POE 3.18 patch notes include the ability to make your own sentinel. In addition to unique items, you can create your own. Players can now make their own items by killing the pinnacle boss in hardcore self-found mode.

With this new system, you can craft the items you want and combine them. The new sentinel has a mixture of traits from both its parents, including a unique trait for each of them.

The Searing Exarch’s Flame Wall Skill now deals more damage than its melee attack. Also, the Black Star’s Fire Beam Skill now grants greater damage than the Flame Wall skill.

Additionally, this new version of Path of Exile now supports DualShock 4 controllers. The game’s Controller input now works with the game’s menu, making it easier to navigate to private leagues.

In the poe sentinel patch notes, you will find a new Sentinel League. A Sentinel is a traveling companion. This pet will buff mobs in its area around the player, and can make the game more difficult.

Generally, the more challenging the mob, the higher the reward. And, the Sentinels will become harder to kill, so be careful where you place them!

Path of Exile Sentinel Update 3.18.0 Patch Notes

Below you can find a summarized version of the of the official poe patch notes 3.18 (patch notes).

Endgame Content Changes

  • Added 7 new uber versions of Pinnacle Boss fights, accessible through Atlas Keystone Passives. These fights are extremely difficult, so only attempt them if you have a very powerful character.
  • Increased the damage of The Eater of Worlds’ Skills and melee Attacks. Their Doom Laser Skill now applies an Inescapable Doom debuff which causes characters to take increased damage.
  • Increased the damage dealt by The Searing Exarch’s Flame Wall Skill and their melee Attack. The Searing Exarch’s rolling meteors are now considered larger for the purposes of collision detection against enemies (that means you, Exile).
  • Increased the damage of The Black Star’s Fire Beam Skill. The Annihilating Light and Crushing Darkness debuffs now cause affected players to take more or less Fire or Cold damage from hits only (previously all Fire and Cold damage).
  • Increased the damage of The Infinite Hunger’s melee Attacks. Grotesque Monsters found in the Seething Chyme have had their damage reduced.
  • The chance for The Eater of Worlds and The Searing Exarch to drop the Forbidden Flesh and Forbidden Flame Unique Items now scales with Map Item Quantity.
  • The chance for The Black Star and The Infinite Hunger to drop their Unique Items now scales with Map Item Quantity.
  • Eldritch Altars have been rebalanced, their downsides now feel more impactful and they now provide a wider diversity of rewards.
  • The Eldritch Altar option that causes Scarabs dropped by slain Enemies to have a chance to be Duplicated has been replaced with a new option that causes Divination Cards dropped by slain Enemies to have a chance to be Duplicated.
  • The Eldritch Altar option that causes Eldritch Minions to drop Burning Ground on Death no longer scales off of the main hand attack damage of the Monster, as this could result in highly variable amounts of Damage over Time dealt by the ground effect. This change has been applied to all cases of this in the game, notably Burning Ground on Death from Flame Helions and Caustic Clouds on Death from certain Zombies.
  • Maven’s Invitation: The Atlas Invitation now drops more commonly from Maps witnessed by the Maven, and less commonly from Maps not witnessed by The Maven.
  • Kirac now offers Maven’s Invitation: The Atlas for the moderate price of 8 Chaos Orbs and 1 Orb of Chance in his shop if you have previously completed this encounter.
  • The “Maven releases all Bosses at once” modifier can no longer roll on Maven’s Invitations.
  • Shaper or Elder Influence can now be applied to Maps alongside Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch Influence, and Conqueror Influence.
  • Shaper, Elder or Conqueror Influence and Influenced Items will now be first encountered in Level 81 Areas.

Item Changes

  • The following Unique Items will now be found with both Shaper- and Elder-Influence: Disintegrator, Indigon, Voidfletcher, Voidforge, The Eternity Shroud, and Replica Eternity Shroud. This change does not apply to existing versions of these Unique Items.
  • The Astromancer and The Endless Darkness Divination Cards now have both Shaper and Elder backgrounds.
  • The Draped in Dreams Divination Card now awards an Influenced Six-Link Astral Plate of Normal Rarity and an Item Level of 100.
  • The Price of Protection Divination Card now awards a Corrupted Elder Guardian Occupied Map with a Map Tier of 14-16 and 8 modifiers.
  • The Monochrome Divination Card can once again be obtained, and now awards two Elevated Sextants.
  • The Tumbleweed Divination Card now awards a Redeemer-Influenced Diamond Ring of Redemption with an Item Level of 100.
  • The Side Quest Divination Card can once again be obtained, and now awards 20 Scouting Reports.
  • The Hook Divination Card can once again be obtained, and now awards a Corrupted 23% Alternate Quality Level 21 Gem.
  • The Sambodhi’s Wisdom Divination Card can once again be obtained, and now awards a 30% Quality Unique Armour.
  • Updated the description of The Messenger Divination Card to clarify it awards a Harbinger Piece, rather than a Harbinger Fragment.
  • Updated the art of the “Silence and Frost” Divination Card.
  • Updated the reminder text on the Orb of Conflict to clarify it can only be used on non-Unique Items.

Kirac League Mods Available During 3.18.0

  • Fortune Favours the Brave (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): One of these options will be applied at random, including those you have not yet unlocked.
  • Breach (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Area contains an additional Breach.
  • Anarchy (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Area is inhabited by 3 additional Rogue Exiles.
  • Essence (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 3 additional Essences.
  • Domination (costs 4 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 4 additional Shrines.
  • Metamorph (costs 5 Chaos Orbs): Area contains Metamorph Monsters.
  • Harvest (costs 12 Chaos Orbs): Area contains The Sacred Grove.
  • Delirium (costs 16 Chaos Orbs): Area contains a Mirror of Delirium.

User Interface Changes

  • Added options to the hideout decorations user interface that control who is able to access your hideout Portals: All party members, friends, friends or guildmates, or only you.
  • When selecting a Map for a Favoured Map Slot, you are now able to click on one of your existing Favoured Map Slots to select that same Map.
  • The Vaal Temple Map and some Unique Maps not found on the Atlas now have their Map Stash Tab slots hidden by default until you store one of these Maps.
  • If you don’t have Flask or Map Stash Tab Affinity, or tabs with those affinities are full, Unique Maps will now fall back on the Unique Stash Tab Affinity.
  • If you don’t have Delirium or Blight Stash Tab Affinity, or tabs with those affinities are full, Delirious Maps and Blighted Maps will instead fall back on the Map Affinity.
  • The Unique Stash Tab search filter can now be used to search the modifiers on stored Unique Items.
  • Renamed the “Influence” section of the Currency Stash Tab to “Exotic”.
  • Tweaked the display of various currency items in the Default Loot Filter.
  • More user interface changes and quality-of-life improvements will be revealed in upcoming news posts.

Controller Support Changes

  • Controller Support for Path of Exile is no longer in Beta.
  • Added support for DualShock 4 Controllers.
  • Added PvP Support for controllers.
  • It is now possible to manually select a controller to use under the Input Options if there are multiple controllers connected.
  • It is now possible to navigate to and select Private Leagues and Events in the Character Selection Menu with a controller.
  • It is now possible to navigate and interact with the chat window when using a controller.
  • Attempting to load an Item Filter when using a controller will now output success or failure messages to the chat window.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where The Infinite Hunger’s Vomit skill was not applying Poison correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gaze into the Abyss Atlas Passive was not applying in The Shaper’s Realm.
  • Fixed a bug where Eldritch Altars that caused Map Bosses to drop additional Eldritch Currency would drop the incorrect Currency type in Yellow Tier Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where an Orb of Conflict could not be used on Items with Searing Exarch or Eater of Worlds Implicit modifiers if they also had the “Item sells for much more to vendors” Implicit modifier.
  • Fixed an issue where Operative’s Strongboxes with the “contains additional Map Currency Items” modifier were dropping more Map Currency Items than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where The Enslaver’s projectiles from their slam attack could stack up in a single spot.
  • Fixed a bug where Molten Minotaurs enraged swipe attack was dealing the incorrect amount of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Unique Bosses are Possessed” Map modifier sometimes would not work correctly in Maps with multiple Map Bosses.
  • Fixed a bug where the Iceberg Map could generate inside-out, resulting in bridges that lead to nowhere.
  • Fixed a bug where the Map Device would deselect Map Crafting modifiers after opening a Map alongside a Fragment or Scarab.
  • Fixed a bug where Rog’s crafting options that reroll prefixes or suffixes multiple times were not rolling each set of modifiers independently.
  • Fixed a bug where the “You have Onslaught while not on Low Mana” modifier on the Omeyocan Unique Boots did not always work correctly if your Maximum Mana was 0.
  • Fixed a bug where Hinder applied through the Aspect of the Spider Skill was not slowing Enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Maps obtained by turning in The Easy Stroll Divination Card did not have 20% Quality.
  • Fixed a bug where The Surgeon Divination Card was incorrectly awarding a Flask with the “Medic’s” Prefix modifier when turned in.
  • Fixed a bug where filtering for a Unique Map by name in the Map Stash Tab would also highlight the Conqueror and Guardian Maps section.
  • Fixed a bug where Heist Monsters were missing their dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where Experimented Base Types did not have hit audio.
  • Fixed an uncommon client crash.
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