Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Map Details

Underworld Gang Wars maps

Before looking at Underworld Gang Wars map details, you should know a little about the game. This is a Battle Royale game set in India. It is interesting because it has characters and themes based in India. It also offers various map details that you will appreciate. Let’s take a look at some of the important map details below. You’ll see what kind of things you can expect from the map and its features.

About Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

Underworld Gang Wars is an upcoming battle royale game created by Mayhem Studios. Inspired by the Indian Underworld, the registration for the game has already began and the game will have an Indian setup and features characters from popular stories.


The game is set in an underworld, where an underdog gang from the West wants to take over the Eastern region and take over the rival urban gang’s territory. The player will take control of the entire game world, and must work together to defeat the rival urban gang in order to win the game.

Underworld Gang Wars Map ”Dhantara”

Underworld Gang Wars Map called Dhantara is set in India where the river Maya divides the heartland into two. Land in the locations inspired by some of the most scenic and popular locations in India.

Gangs have overlapping territories, so it is easy to see how they are related. They name themselves after a neighborhood, street, town, or generically. Then, they claim it as their own.

Underworld Gang Wars Map
Underworld Gang Wars Map ”Dhantara”, Image: Mayhem Studios

This is their source of social, economic, and political power. The map’s colorful patterns help to create this ethereal aura. However, some people find this pious. So, how do you know if the map’s map is really about a gang?

The gameplay is based on city-building simulation. You can hire goons to fight and kill other gangs. This game also features a live interaction mode. Players can also replay previous fights and use skill points to upgrade their characters.

The game’s gameplay isn’t particularly unique, but it does have some good elements. The main downside is that the game is too toxic for new players, but once you get past the grind, the game is pretty good.

Underworld Gang Wars will be available for Android later this year.

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