Underworld Gang Wars Release Date

Underworld Gang Wars

Underworld Gang Wars is an upcoming battle royale game that’s set in India. It’s developed by Mayhem Studios, the same company that created the Mobile Premier League. The game is a made-in-India game that promises to stay true to its Indian roots and deliver a complete battle royale experience.

When Will Underworld Gang Wars Release?

Underworld Gang Wars is expected to release later this year in 2022. The pre-registration is now open, however, the exact release date of the game is currently unknown. You can find out more information about the game by visiting the official website or following the developer’s social media handles.


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The developer Mayhem Studios claims that it’s an all-India game, rooted in the country’s culture. The characters and storylines are derived from stories about the Indian Underworld, and the game’s setting is based around a fictional Underworld scenario.

The Western underdog wants to take over the Eastern region of the world, but a rival urban gang is determined to hold onto it. Mayhem Studios promises a thrilling and exciting gaming experience with Underworld Gang Wars.

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The game has many aspects that are reminiscent of a traditional battle royale game, and has a unique perspective. In addition to the fights, you can also choose which side rules Dhantara.

You can also choose to become the Don of the Era and control the entire city! The game will be released later this year, so keep an eye out for updates. Once it’s out, you can look forward to new weapon skins, seasons, and developments.

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