Awakening Collection Event

The Apex Legends Awakening Collection is set to hit the game on June 21. You may have already heard that it will bring back Control mode. But what else can this event offer you? Here are some things you should know. Keep reading to find out more! Hopefully, this article will answer some of your burning questions. The Awakening Collection will bring back Control mode, new cosmetics, a new set of 24 themed limited-time cosmetics, and more!

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Date

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event will kick off on June 21. Below is everything the event will be ringing to players. So, do check them out to know what’s coming.

Lifeline’s Clinic

The new event in Apex Legends, Lifeline’s Clinic, takes over Bonsai Plaza. Players will get a few new features in the clinic, which honors the OG healer. You can find D.O.C. drones, syringes, and health kits at this clinic. Lifeline’s Clinic will be a major point of interest in the game.

Lifeline’s Clinic
Lifeline’s Clinic

In Apex Legends Awakening, the new hangout Lifeline’s Clinic in Olympus is a unique place to find loot. The clinic has automated healing systems that will patch up your Legends if you’re injured. It also has an emergency platform in the back that can be used to call in a single Care Package. This new feature is quite interesting, and it may be the most interesting Town Takeover in the game.

Control Mode Returns to the Game

The latest update to Apex Legends will bring back Control mode, a game mode that was introduced with season 12 of the game in February. Control is a team-based battle royale mode that allows you to control all members of your squad. The game also has several other changes to it, including a new Town Takeover map in Olympus, as well as tweaks to Ranked. Regardless of its popularity, it offers a new way to play battle royale.

Control mode
Control Mode

Control mode will feature advertisements to help fill empty team slots. These adverts will appear in the game and can be shot down to reveal loot. It will also improve matchmaking and fill vacant player slots.

The new features of the game will be visible in the lobby and within Control matches. Once players have acquired them, they will be able to enjoy the new feature. In addition to this, Control will also feature two new tabs on the “about” screen, which will help players understand the new spawn system.

A new Set of 24-themed Limited-time Cosmetics Items

The upcoming Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event will include a new set of 24 limited-time cosmetics that players can purchase from the in-game shop. This new set of cosmetics includes legendary skins such as Horizon’s “Atom Heart Mother,” Fuse’s “Animal Instinct,” and Ash’s Existential Threat.

Animal Instinct

These cosmetics are also available in the Apex Packs. Completing daily challenges will earn you XP for the upcoming Awakening Collection event.

The Valkyrie’s Heirloom is a limited-time cosmetic that is available exclusively for Valkyrie characters. The Valkyrie Heirloom is an epic, rare item that is also available for free via the Apex Packs event. Luckily, players can get it without spending any money. To get it, players can simply open the Apex Packs and find Heirloom Shards.

Valkyrie's Heirloom
Valkyrie’s Heirloom

Reward Tracker

During the event, players will also be able to earn 1,600 points per day and challenge refresh daily. All of these challenges also stack with your Battle Pass so that you can complete multiple at once.

Reward Tracker

Special Offers tab

During the Awakening Collection Event, we’ll be bringing back the Special Offers tab that will be offering deals during the event.

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