Octopath Traveler: Champions

After being one of the marquee games of the Nintendo Switch, Octopath Traveler is now coming to iOS/Android this summer! The game is now up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. While the mobile version of the game is free-to-play, players will be able to purchase new characters using standard gacha-style mechanics. As for when Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent is coming out, the game is currently in closed beta testing, but will soon be available for iOS and Android users to download.

The game features a command-style battle system and eight party members. You can also customize your team of characters with swipe controls. There are 64 characters in all, so the choices are endless.

Octopath Traveler also features an epic game soundtrack composed by Yasunori Nishiki. While the game isn’t a true sequel, it will provide fans with an exciting new way to play the Octopath series.

The game is a little more mindless than its predecessor, but there are some key differences. While the first game focused on heroes, Champions of the Continent focuses more on villains, and the NPCs who are affected by these bad guys.

There are three main storylines, but you can switch between them at any time. One of the villains is the best of the series, while the other two are interesting but ridiculous.

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