Sonic Frontiers

If you’re a fan of the Sonic franchise, you’ll be thrilled to know that Sega is releasing a brand new mainline game in the 2022 holiday season, and you’ll be excited to see what the game is like. Although the game has been a long time coming, the developer finally revealed the first seven minutes of gameplay.

The game’s open-zone design is a welcome change from previous linear adventures. There are more activities and varied worlds to explore, and your speed will increase as you progress through the levels.

The game starts with a demo in which you’re dropped in a world you’ve never visited before. You’re separated from Tails and Amy and find yourself in a strange place filled with trees. Your objective is to find emeralds and other items to use to advance in the game. The artificial intelligence will occasionally chime in with helpful hints and objectives to help you progress.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s a lot more challenging than previous Sonic games, and its emphasis on combat means that it could take up to 20 hours to complete. Yes, Director Morio Kishimoto told IGN that for an average player Sonic Frontiers might take between 20 and 30 hours to finish the game, while completionists can easily spend double the time to see everything.

The game also features a number of new features, including a homing attack, which allows you to perform tricks in the air. These abilities will increase your speed for a limited time. The game also features a momentum system that helps you maintain your speed.

Sonic Frontiers will be available in holiday 2022 for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

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