Valorant Update 5.0

In this article, we will take a look at the Valorant Patch Notes 5.0 which adds a new map to the game called Pearl. The new map is set underwater, and it’s the first one that takes place in an alternate dimension known as Omega Earth. The map was designed by artist Brian Yam based on the ancient concept of pitch. We’ll also cover the new weapons, armor, and gear available in this episode of Valorant.

The Valorant patch 5.0 (and Episode 5 Act I) will officially release on June 22, but it’s still worth checking out because of the new Pearl map and other changes. This episode will feature a new Pearl map, new rank tiers, and a variety of map pool changes.

Another notable change is the introduction of a new Pearl-only queue. This will allow players to practice this new map without worrying about other players.

The patch notes also include an update for the game’s competitive mode. The game is also getting a new rank in the game: Ascendant. Ascendant is located between Diamond and Immortal ranks, and will allow more players to filter between lower and higher rankings. The new Ascendant rank will be released alongside Episode Five, Act One on June 22.

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