Gran Turismo 7

In the game Gran Turismo 7, you can unlock new cars, tracks, and characters by unlocking various Cafe Menu Books. In order to get started, head over to the main menu and choose a menu book from the list. After you’ve completed it, you’ll receive a prize of 1.5 million credits. After that, you can proceed with the rest of the mission. The next step is to complete the second Cafe Menu.

How Many Cafe Menu Books in Gran Turismo 7?

There are 39 different Menu Books in Gran Turismo 7. Once you have unlocked them all, you’ll be able to unlock new cars and features. The Cafe owner is incredibly helpful as she gives you a short history of each car and how to unlock it.

The menu books are also a great way to progress in the game and earn more money. You can complete them in any order, from collecting three specific cars to winning a license.

The next part of the game involves completing the Cafe Menu Books. Each one is unique and requires a different skill level. You can complete a particular menu book multiple times to earn a new car, and unlock more legendary cars and features.

Cafe Menu Books
Cafe Menu Books

Benefits of Cafe Menu Books

The goal of each Menu Book is to increase your Number of Cars, increase your credit balance, and unlock new games and features. To get a full overview of the game, check out the official Gran Turismo website.

After completing a Menu Book, you can move on to the next one. Each of the Cafés has a unique set of challenges that you must complete to unlock the next one. Each menu book contains a few different challenges that you can try to complete, ranging from simple tutorials to challenging multiple races. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more cars and trophies.

In the game, you can earn credits by completing menus. The first menu in the game will give you credits that you can use to unlock more car parts. After you’ve obtained the credits, you’ll be able to unlock more cafes and cars.

After you’ve finished the main campaign, you can continue to play the game. If you’re not satisfied with the quests, you can continue on your journey to the next one.

In addition to completing the main menu, you can also find a special menu in the game. These menus allow you to collect more cars and unlock different levels. You can also upgrade your car with them, but there are certain time requirements to meet.

For example, you need to compete in two races of the World Circuit to unlock the National B license. To get it, you have to win the championship by finishing the second and third Menu Books.

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