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If you’re having trouble playing WWE 2K22 with your controller, here’s a quick guide to fix WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad not working issue on PC. Changing the Big Picture Configuration or General Controller Settings can fix the controller not working issue on your PC. Running a hardware troubleshooter can also fix the problem. Try unplugging and plugging the gamepad again. You may also want to update the controller driver.

How to Fix WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working Issue on PC?

To configure your gamepad, you need to enable screen overlay. To enable this, go to steam settings and select the option for controller support. In the console support tab, look for “Configurable device support” and “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support.” If you have no luck with this method, try unchecking all configuration media and enable it again. Then, your controller should be working.

If you have an Xbox or DualShock controller, you can enable controller support in the Steam software. To do this, open Steam and go to the Device Manager. Click on the “Gamepad” tab.

You can also change the Big Picture mode in the Advanced Options menu. Alternatively, you can try changing the device configuration settings in Windows by right-clicking the game’s icon.

You can also try enabling screen overlay in the Steam settings or in the controller settings. To make sure the gamepad is supported, you need to enable the Gamepad and Screen Overlay. You should also make sure that you have enabled configuration support.

If all of these options are disabled, the gamepad will not work properly. If the problem persists, you should try a different game.

If none of these methods work, try restarting the PC and reconnecting the gamepad. This should solve the controller problem. If all else fails, contact 2K customer support and let them know about the issue.

You may also be able to fix the problem by installing the latest version of the game on your PC. In the meantime, you can try contacting the developer of WWE 2K22.

One of the most obvious ways to fix the controller problem is to reset the PC. If the controller is working properly, you should make sure that your controller is disconnected.

If the gamepad is still working, contact 2K’s customer support to help you figure out what is wrong. This may require a reboot of the computer or a new cable. If all else fails, try connecting it again.

Another simple solution to the problem is to restart the game. This can solve the gamepad error by resetting the PC. The gamepad is not working on the PC. In this case, you should check your video card and download the latest drivers.

If the problem persists, you can try reinstalling the game. If the black screen is caused by a graphics card issue, the error is most likely to be GPU-related.

Here are some other quick methods to fix WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working issue on PC.

  • Step 1 – Restart your computer
  • Step 2 – Turn off and on your controller
  • Step 3 – Unplug USB Devices
  • Step 5 – Launch Steam in big picture mode and then launch the game
  • Step 6 – Change screen refresh rate to 60H
  • Step 7 – Launch the game in windowed mode by pressing alt + enter
  • Step 8 – Turn on Steam overlay: Right Click on the game on Steam >> Properties >> Check Enable Steam Overlay
  • Step 9 – Configure the controller: Go Steam Setting >> Controller >> General Controller Settings >>Put a Check on box for the controller you have
  • Step 10 – Uncheck controller in Steam controller setting: Go Steam Setting >> Controller >> General Controller Settings >> Uncheck here all the controller configuration support, this step has worked for many players.
  • Step 11 – Disable/enable Steam input: Right Click on the game on Steam >> Properties >> Controller >> Under Use Default settings >> Select Desable Steam input. 
  • Step 12 – Use DS4Windows
  • Step 13 – Use wired controller
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