5 Trends Of Lead Generation Or How Not To Fail When Attracting Customers To Your Business


Recently, the concept of “lead generation” is heard everywhere. But not everyone understands how to use this hyped marketing tool.

What is lead generation, why is it a must for business, as well as how not to make mistakes when attracting customers, we will tell in our article. Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with the basics: what is a lead and lead generation

A lead is a potential customer who is interested in a product or service, left contact information, but didn’t buy the product.

Lead generation is the process of attracting leads. However, it’s even something bigger. Lead generation makes it possible to collect data from potential customers, helps businesses determine the needs of the audience, and increases its loyalty to the company and products.

Lead generation methods are aimed at bringing visitors to the company’s website, its online store or other platform. The information obtained is used to turn leads into new customers by selling them a product or service.

The term “lead generation” is usually associated with the B2C sector. However, it also applies to B2B marketing. Read more about how business interacts with business in this lead generation blog started by B2B lead generation company Belkins. 

But let’s get back to business leads. Marketers and salespeople distinguish the following categories of leads:

  • Cold – customers that are not interested in a product or service. To transfer a cold lead to another category, it is necessary to inform him about the development of the product, current offers, and promotions. This is often done through cold calling, email marketing tools and social media development.
  • Warm – customers partially prepared to buy or interested in products. Clients received an offer and got in touch with the manager, asked their questions and received additional information.
  • Hot – customers ready to make a deal. A person has chosen a product or service, the business representative needs to process the application in time so that the client doesn’t turn to another company.

lead generation

Lead generation has a number of benefits for businesses.

  1. The business owner doesn’t pay for random user clicks on links.
  2. It is possible to plan the budget for advertising with high accuracy.
  3. Investments pay off by attracting new customers.
  4. You can study the preferences of the target audience through lead analysis.
  5. It allows you to build a customer base.

Lead Generation Methods: Trends 2022

#1. Chatbots

The popularity of instant messaging and the availability of constant brand communication had an impact on the growth of the trend.

In lead generation, chatbots function as an interactive form. The bot records details about the user during the conversation, including name, contacts, and interest in a specific product. In the future, this will help to compile a business leads list and segment users. Perhaps the user wouldn’t provide as much information if the conversation had not been with the bot.

#2. Video marketing

More than 80% of marketers report that videos assist them create leads. Nathalie Nahai, a web psychologist, notes that because the human brain is lazy, it processes visual content more quickly than text.

Using videos, you may generate leads in two different ways: by asking for contact information beforehand and by encouraging viewers to submit a form after watching.

#3. Influence marketing

Marketing that relies on recommendations from influencers is one of the major trends in lead generation. Native integrations in influencer blogs are more trusted by the audience than traditional online advertising formats. The influencer acts as a bridge between the audience and the brand and shapes the audience’s loyalty to it.

#4. Content marketing

Customers trust those brands that provide them with useful and interesting information. Moreover, 80% of business decision makers prefer to learn about a company from articles rather than advertising. This makes content marketing one of the most effective lead generators.

#5. Omnichannel marketing

Every year there are more points of contact with the brand. Before the Internet, the buyer contacted the store only at the time of visiting the outlet. Today, they can communicate with the brand in the messenger, through the call center, order goods in the online store, buy on Instagram, and come to the showroom.

Lead Generation Methods

In omnichannel marketing, channels are connected to each other: for example, information about how many products are left in offline outlets is added to the website of an online store. The buyer can choose goods on the site, and later buy in the store. Or first look in the showroom, and then order delivery through the website or app. They can also subscribe to newsletters to learn about promotions and chat with the support service in any of the messengers.

After lead generation, all collected leads need to be converted into customers. How can you do that?

For lead management, you can set up email newsletters, evaluate them by open rate, click-through rate, conversions, optimize the site and use call tracking, that is, call hot leads and determine the source of traffic that actively leads customers.

Wrap up

In the field of lead generation, you need to constantly work, develop, and do everything to make your advertising campaigns even more effective. There are many clients on the Internet, there is no limit. Therefore, the more competent your lead strategy is, the more, the better and the cheaper leads you will receive.

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