Stray might be the cutest and most wholesome game you’ve played in a while ago. But do you know what’s not so wholesome? The control room in Stray. You’ll get to see the control room in the final area where you and B12 will enter together. This scene starts after you help Clementine in Midtown and after getting a fast subway ride, you’ll eventually reach a bright area where only robots will be cleaning. 

So, if you want to learn how to unlock the control room in Stray, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. This guide might contain some spoilers so please beware

Getting Into The Control Room

After getting to see a whole new world of robots cooking and cleaning, you will need to head to the locked door. You can find the door on the left side where there will be a panel on both sides of the door. You will need to head to the one on the right. B12 will ask you to find a way because he cannot open the door without your help.

Control Room

At the same time, you’ll get to interact with a small box robot that you use while getting the atomic battery in the previous missions. What you need to do is direct the robot to the panel on the left. As soon as the robot gets into the place, you have to run back to the panel on the right and just interact with it before dashing back to the left, jumping on the robot, and finally opening the second panel.

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As the process is a bit complicated, you will need to scratch the wires until the door opens. The whole thing with opening the control room is that your timing should be perfect. And it’s okay if you fail a couple of times since the process can surely be a little too hectic. You can retry it as many times as you want but once you scratch the wires, the door shall open and you will be able to head inside. 

Switching On The Computers

Once you’re in the control room, you need to head to the back of the room. You’ll see the terminal below the control room layout poster. So just interact with it and you’ll find out that you can unlock the city once you turn on all the computers or systems. 


You’ll find rows of computer terminals at the center of the room. B12 will ask you to turn the terminals on. Once you turn them on, wait for them to start. 

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Unlocking The Roof Control

After activating the control station, you’ll need to visit three terminals in order to unlock the roof control station. The first terminal is on the left side of the roof control station and in the corner, you’ll see that there’s a hack screen that you can destroy by scratching the wires. Once you turn left from the hack screen, there’ll be another screen.

Roof Control

There will also be a wire box on the opposite side of the room. Knock out the panel and you’ll find the wires. The third and final terminal is on the right side of the roof control station. 

Winning The Game

Winning The Game

Once all the terminals are hacked, you’ll notice that B12 took quite a lot of damage in the process. You will then carry B12 to the roof control station and after that, an ending scene will play out in a cutscene. Congratulations, you just completed Stray.

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