Kokomi a DPS

There are several reasons why you should choose Kokomi as your character Genshin Impact. This five-star character is obtainable only from a limited-time banner and is highly flexible. She has a healer kit and a high HP pool, making her a viable choice for tanking most enemies. Additionally, she has great resistance to interruption, making her an excellent choice for a sub-DPS.

Is Kokomi a DPS or Support?

As a DPS, Kokomi’s Elemental Skill is Kurage’s Oath. Every time Kokomi leaves the field, her Bake-Kurage appears, dealing Hydro damage to surrounding opponents. In addition, the Bake-Kurage’s abilities heal nearby characters by up to Kokomi’s maximum HP. This spell also has the added advantage of allowing Kokomi to switch characters in between battles.

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Kokomi has an excellent kit for playing both DPS and support roles. She possesses access to the best support weapons in the game, and her skill tree revolves around healing.

She also has access to powerful support weapons and artifact sets, such as the Hakushin Ring, which grants a high damage multiplier to two different elemental types. In addition, Kokomi’s 4-Tenacity of the Millelith catalyst grants her a massive 48% Attack bonus.

A Good Healer

Kokomi is also a good healer and is useful in many party compositions. While she will typically play as a support, her Hydro elemental attacks can be very effective and powerful. If you perform Normal Attacks when Kokomi has her Elemental Burst active, her normal attacks will restore some of her Stamina. Hydro Damage is another sub-stat to consider.

Kokomi is a great choice for teams looking for a healer and a DPS. She has a base HP of 28,000 and can hit 4k+ consistently with her Q form. But, her healer is also a great tank. Kokomi’s healing is impressive on its own.

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The only downside to her skill is that she does not generate a high amount of energy to use her burst. If you play Kokomi in a team, you’ll need to invest in her Energy Recharge to make it more effective.

Kokomi’s Abilities

As the DPS role is increasingly difficult to play well in teams that use tank-healing or crit damage, Kokomi’s abilities are a great choice. Her Elemental bursts give her a nice damage boost that she can use as a sub-DPS.

Kokomi is a good driver and healer and can face most enemies. It is not uncommon for her to be the only tank in a team.

While she cannot utilize the Critical Rate buff, Kokomi can fill in the role of Mona in a Freeze team. In this scenario, Kokomi can fill in the role of a Cryo support if the team’s other three members are weaker in that category. Then, the other two characters can help her fill in the gap with extra DPS to clear the abyss or face any content.

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Kokomi As a Support

As a support, Kokomi can increase her HP by wearing 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith. This piece increases the damage Kokomi deals and heals her teammates. The bonus is triggered every 0.5 seconds.

It syncs with Kokomi’s elemental skill, and can work even if she is not on the field. Another effective piece is the 2-piece Maiden Beloved. This piece increases Kokomi’s ATK and increases her damage against Hydro of Electro.

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