PSVR2 to Launch in Early 2023


Sony on Wednesday officially announced the release window for its upcoming next-gen PSVR2 launch date. Sony, officially Twitted that the PSVR2 will launch in early 2023. The company revealed some of the hardware specifications for the new headset in January and released images of its controller. The release date has been pushed back, but it is still a big milestone. Sony is taking its time with the new headset, so it will take some time for the public to get accustomed to the new experience.

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The Japanese PlayStation Twitter account posted a graphic showing the upcoming VR headset. This logo is accompanied by the phrase “launching in early 2023,” which indicates the peripheral will be available at the start of the year.

PSVR2: Image Courtesy – Sony

That would put the launch of the PSVR2 in early 2023, which is a bit earlier than originally planned. However, the tweet did not give any details about pricing or availability. Despite this, it is an interesting tidbit.

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As we’ve mentioned, Sony’s PlayStation VR1 cost $399 and was a great success. The PSVR2 is expected to launch in early 2023, and the cost is expected to be between $399 and $499. Despite the price, this VR headset is going to be the most important accessory for the PS5. It is expected to launch alongside the PS5 and the PlayStation 4.

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