As the fourth season of Fortnite approaches, Epic Games has been ramping up the teaser videos and reveals. The latest teaser confirms that the Fortnite’s season fourth will be calledParadise‘ and that it will release on September 18th, 2022. The teaser doesn’t show any in-game footage, but it does show a live-action person pouring cereal in a bowl, and some solid chrome.

There have also been leaks regarding the Battle Pass, revealing new Tiers coming later this month. These include Goth Meowscles and Spider-Gwen, which will be available through the Battle Pass. The Fortnite Paradise battle pass will also feature new skins for the game’s characters, including Miles Morales.

For the Fortnite Paradise release date, Epic has shared a couple of live-action teaser videos that show the new game’s new feature “Chrome”. In the first teaser, a man is preparing cereal, which he inadvertently infects with the chrome liquid. This chrome-infused cereal then takes over the kitchen. Another teaser shows a woman treating plants with an “organic pesticide” which is actually the same chrome liquid. Soon after, the chrome-laced liquid starts to spread to the furniture and plants around the house.

The new season is called ‘Paradise’ and will debut on September 18th. However, Epic Games has recently suffered issues with social media scheduling that resulted in content being published before it had a chance to be approved. The content, which was deemed similar to advertisements for Fortnite’s supposed upcoming season, was accessed by bots before being posted.

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