New Nintendo Direct Set for September 13

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is set to release a new Nintendo Direct on September 13th. This event is expected to be about 40 minutes long, and will focus on new games launching for the Switch this winter. The Direct will be broadcast live in many countries, while it will also be available for streaming on demand. The UK is a bit different, as you will not be able to watch it live. However, you can watch it later via Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Nintendo Directs are long presentations filled with major announcements. The company usually holds them three times a year: February, June, and September. The 2019 lineup had three general Directs, but this was cut in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company instead opted to do three partner showcases instead.


The Nintendo Switch Online service also was revealed during the Nintendo Direct, including details on cloud saving. Another surprise was the announcement of a new third-party game called Shovel Knight Dig.

As for the Nintendo Switch, the next Nintendo Direct will focus on the games launching on the Switch this winter. It will be around 40 minutes long, and will be broadcast live on YouTube and Nintendo’s official Twitch channel.


Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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