Your Next Phone Should be a Samsung Phone and Here’s Why


In a world where things are constantly evolving and changing, it is important to have a phone that is dependable and can last long. A phone should be able to serve its purpose for a while without having to constantly change, which can make you overspend money. 

Samsung’s phones are a perfect example of being on trend yet dependable enough for you to use them for a few years. Hence, here are some reasons why your next phone should be a Samsung model. 


Long Lasting Battery and Battery Sharing

The least a phone can do is to be reliable all day. Thankfully, Samsung models have a long-lasting battery life, ensuring you get the most out of your phone before having recharging it at the end of the day. 

Not only are they long-lasting, but Samsung models even have Super Fast Charging which gives you up to 45 Watts of power. As a result, your phone gets charged much faster and enables you to use your phone again in just a few minutes. In addition, Samsung phones are also equipped with power-saving modes which makes your phone run on the lowest possible power.

Plus, with selected Samsung phone models, you can use Wireless PowerShare, which allows you to share a bit of your battery life with a family member, friend, or even your own devices. This is especially helpful when you are out and need a quick charge but forgot to pack your charger with you. 


Multitasking is necessary, especially for those who are studying or working, and Samsung phones ease you to do so. What’s more, Samsung has been making multitasking possible as early as 2012 with the release of the Galaxy Note II, and since then, they have upgraded the experience. 

On the latest Galaxy phones, multitasking is simple to execute. All you need to do is swipe left to open the Edge menu and select App Pair. This should show you a combination of applications that you use together often subsequently such as email with the notes app. Then you should be able to launch the two chosen apps at once. 

Another way to multitask is having the pop-up view, which lets you have a floating window of an app over any other application you have on. This then lets you multitask while you are in a meeting or even video calling. This feature is handy when you are trying to take or read your notes while you are in a meeting at the same time. 

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Great Accessories 

Samsung mobile phones are paired best with other Samsung devices. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Watches and the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Plus, with the addition of these accessories, your experience while using the devices, you will get to do more than what you already can.

For instance, the app Samsung Health works just as well, tracking your habits and physical activity. However, the app can be used entirely with the help of the Galaxy Watches. This way, you will be able to track your heart rate and monitor your body automatically. Galaxy Watches also allows you to use your phone on your wrist when connected so that you can use it on the go. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds, on the other hand, go well with those who are always in meetings, like music, or just for everyday use. It features active noise cancelling, allowing you to focus on what is being played through the buds. Not only that, but it also offers high-quality audio that even has a cinematic sound surround. 

Additionally, with the help of other Samsung accessories, you can increase your productivity. For instance, you can use your smartwatch to use your phone even when you do not have the phone physically in your hands. The earbuds also help to maintain focus by eliminating surrounding noises and distractions. With this, you can indeed focus on your tasks with no problem.

Secure Data and Apps

Samsung has impressive data and app-protecting software. Its Secure Folder allows you to separate your personal apps and content while keeping it safe. Extra authentication is needed to open the apps and data you have placed in the Secure Folder. This ensures that your friend or family on your phone, do not get to see what is private to you. 

Not only that, but with Secure Folder, you can also hide an application in it. This is allowing you to have a version of the app in Secure Folder and the other on your standard home screen. You will also be able to choose the authentication option, whether to use a PIN number, password, or biometric authentication.

Samsung DeX

Another reason why Samsung phones are amazing is that they are able to work as a computer when connected to a monitor or TV. On flagship Samsung mobile devices starting from the Galaxy S8 and up to the most recent models, DeX allows you to utilise the power of the phones fully. 

When connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can use your phone like you would an ordinary computer. This then can eliminate the need to have a PC setup or even a home office, as you can just use your Samsung Galaxy phones with an already existing monitor or even the TV. In addition, DeX can even work wirelessly by using the Miracast display. 

There are many reasons why Samsung phones are a good choice for your next mobile phone purchase, and these are a few that are only scratching the surface. Remember always to choose what works best for you and what you need to have. Good luck.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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