Airtel 5G Connected Ambulance

Airtel in partnership with Cisco and Apollo Hospitals at IMC 2022 announced India’s first 5G connected ambulance. The 5G-connected ambulance will relay its location and the geolocation of the patient to the hospital’s command centre in real time. This will help doctors make faster decisions and allow paramedics to administer treatment on the move. It will also help prepare the hospital’s staff ahead of time for the arrival of the patient.

Airtel is partnering with Cisco and Apollo Hospitals to bring this new technology to market. The ambulances will be equipped with the latest medical equipment, telemetry devices, and patient monitoring applications, acting as a virtual extension of a hospital emergency room. The ambulance will also have AR/VR capabilities.

5G connected ambulance
Image Courtesy: Airtel

The country will gradually roll out 5G services including first 13 cities across the country. The 5G technology will improve connectivity throughout the country and reduce the cost of devices. The new technology is also expected to reduce the use of electricity and spectrum. It will also improve the speed of data transmission.

By providing low-latency, high-data-rate and seamless coverage, 5G technology will revolutionize the telecom industry in India. It will create new economic opportunities and change society in a big way.

The 5G technology promises to revolutionize the way health care is delivered. It will improve access to quality care in remote areas and turn existing hospitals into smart hospitals. It will also make the best doctors in the country digitally available. This will ultimately improve the health of all Indians.

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