OW2 Players Report Stuck in Bronze 5 Placement Bug, No Fix Yet


In Overwatch 2, there’s a Bronze 5 placement bug that’s preventing players from ranking up. This bug is preventing players from progressing from bronze 5 to gold, which is a serious problem if you’re playing competitively.

The bug also has implications for the SR system, so it’s important that you fix the bug as soon as possible. The good news is that Blizzard has acknowledged the problem and is working to fix it. The company has also confirmed that the Overwatch 2 Status Update will fix the majority of LC-208 errors.


anyone else stuck in bronze 5?? from overwatch2

The game is brutal, and even a small mistake can be enough to cost you the game. Whether you’re trying to kill your opponent or snatch a loot chest, mistakes can be costly. It’s also important to be able to communicate with your teammates.

In Overwatch 2, it’s crucial to have a team of players who are able to work together. Otherwise, a single player can stall a match by exploding on voice comms.

Players who want to progress in Overwatch 2’s competitive mode must win several matches. To unlock this mode, you must complete a First-Time User Experience, which requires winning seven matches and losing 20.

Players won’t get their skill ranking until they have won seven competitive games. Additionally, the game’s ranking system will now be based on the first seven wins or losses, so that returning players will progress faster.

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