Top Five Selfie Sticks

Top Five Selfie Sticks
Clicking selfies become quite convenient when you use a selfie stick. It is a new Smartphone accessory that is available online for purchase. This useful device is purchasable in various different sizes. The buyers can buy a selfie stick that they can carry in their pocket or a large selfie stick for large frame selfies.

The choice is yours and the manufacturers are providing these devices with much-improved features to enhance the way users click a selfie.

You can buy a waterproof and long-stretching selfie stick to click top-quality series. It must be lightweight and feature-rich to meet all of your photography demands. There are such selfie sticks and we have listed the best of them.


Alaska Life ThrillPro:

It is for professionals because the features offered by this Selfie Stick are simply awesome. It is quite light in weight and offers professional-grade monopod that can hold both iOS and Android devices and also the DSLR cameras.

So, whenever you are on a tour or with your friends, you can mount your phone or DSLR at Alaska Life ThrillPro and get some perfect clicks of your friends. This selfie stick comes with extra thread that is used to attach this selfie stick on a tripod. Thus, it can stand without any external support and perform the operation precisely.

TairTech Foldable:

TairTech is producing both small and large size’s selfie sticks and it is the best product for this company. This selfie stick is manufactured by using high-class aluminum that offers it strong structure and lighter weight.

The handlebar is covered by leather to provide proper grip. It has quite compact design and adjustable monopod that turns it into a perfect selfie stick. You can adjust the size of cell-phone holder and click multiple selfies anytime and anywhere.

Cyclone Pro:

Are you searching for a selfie stick that offers long-lasting battery support and quickly gets connected to the device? Cyclone Pro is the best for you if you are searching for such a selfie stick.

Manufacturers have made it Bluetooth enabled through which user can connect his device to the stick. It delivers high-quality images and videos, whether you are standing in the same position or moving. It is also quite light and foldable so you can carry it anywhere you want.

Volsey Pocket VS1:

In the first look, this selfie stick looks quite small, but you can stretch it up to 34.5 inches. You can click more than 500 images, once the selfie stick is fully charged. It features a lithium-ion battery, Bluetooth option, and the manufacturer is offering 2 years’ warranty on the purchase of this selfie stick. So, enjoy high-quality selfies and replace it, if it doesn’t perform well.

Accmor Rhythm Pro:

What you think about buying a selfie stick that can be turned into a monopod? Isn’t it a great idea? Of course, it is and Accomor Rhythm Pro is such a selfie stick that operates without external support and stands on an inbuilt tripod. It has Bluetooth connectivity, it is light in weight, you can stretch it up to 39 inches and it can hold many devices like DSLR, GoPro, Smartphone cameras and normal digital cameras.

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