Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Coding Speed

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With today’s modern advancements and techniques, slow coders are dead-weight. Speed and accuracy are two of the most crucial elements to ensure coding success on any platform or in any language.

Most coders spend their lives trying in vain to improve their speed, and all they get for it is code that is teeming with errors and bugs. All hope is not lost. Here are five tried and tested ways to improve your coding speed without increasing your error rate.

  1. Typing Speed

As crazy as it might sound, some coders are not the best typists. Coding and typing go hand in hand – especially considering touch typing is such a sought-after skill. If your typing skills aren’t the greatest, take a few lessons and spend time learning how to touch type.

It might not sound like much now, but you’ll soon see just how much of your attention was getting pulled back by the keyboard. Typing isn’t the biggest skill when it comes to coding, not by a long shot – but it certainly helps.

Shortcuts, hotkeys, and code snippets need to be second nature for you.

  1. Functions

Coding is so much easier when you are completely fluent in the language. Newbie coders struggle with shortcuts and functions, which drastically slows down their coding game. Think of it like shortcuts, why go the long way if you know a shorter router? Same destination in less time – that is a win-win.

It also means your high-performance computer can be put to better use.

  1. Improved Development Environment

By using the most recommended integrated development environment for your needs, you can help facilitate the creation and coding of your applications and programs. These environments provide the right space to write and debug codes, and they frequently come with valuable tools to reduce your coding time and development issues.

If you are still living in the early 1990s, and you still write your code in a plain text editor – get ready to have your mind blown. The introduction of IDEs has revolutionized the way coders work and has made coding a far less cumbersome process.

  1. Optimize Your Code

You must keep your code small and clean. As a coder you are well aware that there are several ways to get the same result, so your priority should be speed. Your coding objective should be to keep your code short and sweet, once you have coded a section and it works – spend time making that code better.

By learning to optimize your code, you will eventually learn to code more quickly. Think of it as summarizing your point. The information is there, and it gets straight to the point.

  1. Reuse Code If Possible

Keep stock of the functions you use the most. Once you’ve figured out which functions are likely to get repeated during your coding project, you can keep stock of them for reuse.

A pro trick to coding faster is to find the things that take up more time than they should and then figure out ways to optimize those tasks. Fast coders aren’t superheroes, but they are almost as impressive.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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