Top 10 Benefits of Using Vue.JS for App Development

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Vue.js is an open-source Javascript framework that creates dynamic single-page applications and user interfaces (SPAs). It is open-source, licensed under MIT terms, and may be adopted in stages. The framework can be as simple as a library or as complex as a framework, with the view layer being the primary focus of the simple core library. On top of that, a community of complementary libraries is available.

Vue.js combines the best of Angular and React with its innovative additions. Evan You initially released Vue.js as a side project to address a specific need in the developer community. However, as time passed, the framework expanded into a full-fledged, feature-complete system with developer tools and an established adult ecosystem. To make the most of the framework, it would be great to opt for Vue.js development services from any of the top web development companies with years of experience building applications on top of Vue.js.


The benefits of using Vue.js for app development are discussed below.

1) Developer Friendly:

When comparing Vue.js with React in terms of the user base, Vue is the winner. On February 19, 2020, it had roughly 157k stars on GitHub, whereas React has just about 144k. As of November 18, 2022, it has obtained 201K stars, whereas React has 198K stars. Vue’s high accessibility is a bonus because it allows you to unleash your imagination without being constrained by the need to learn any new syntax.

2) Small Size:

Regarding JS frameworks, compactness is critical, and Vue.js is ideal in this regard. As a general rule, the smaller the framework, the more demand there is among programmers. That’s why it’s superior to all heavy frameworks, notably React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js. Because of its compact size, Vue.js contributes favourably to search engine optimization and user experience.

3) Good Communication:

The website for Vue.js includes user-friendly documentation. This paves the way for first-time programmers to perform instant searches, study keyboard shortcuts, and enjoy offline support, among other conveniences. Due to the detailed documentation, even those with a basic understanding of JavaScript or HTML can quickly and easily create their custom application.

4) The Best of Both Worlds: React and Angular:

The original intention of creating Vue.js was to fix the shortcomings of React and Angular. The Vue core library includes official support for and updates to the library’s auxiliary components, which handle routing and state management. Unlike the latter, the former allows you to organize your app however you see fit.

5) Good Performance:

Although Vue.js is not the quickest option, it excels at providing a very accurate user experience in user interfaces and single-page applications. Vue.js is superior to React and Angular when testing DOM (Document Object Model) components coupled with data. Vue.js performs well as a JS front-end framework because of the increasing importance of mobile devices. Its contribution to the digital transformation of businesses is critical as it allows users to go through the interface smoothly and quickly.

6) Reactivity:

The ability to perform bidirectional data binding on DOM manipulations is another Angular feature that Vue.js has adopted. Thanks to two-way data binding, it is possible to keep track of changes made to the UI and the corresponding model data and that these changes have been made. Timely data updates are possible for bound components.

7) Highly Flexible:

Vue.js is known for its adaptability and ability to facilitate rapid development and browser-based deployment. You can construct even the most complex applications using ES6, JSX, components, routing, bundling, etc. With this framework, you can easily create apps that run on multiple platforms and test them in various settings.

8) Impressive Tooling Ecosystem:

Vue.js has been around for about five or six years and has a formidable suite of features. Vue CLI 3, the latest release, is packed with features such as a server renderer, state manager, browser debugger, end-to-end testing tools, and Babel support.

9) Easy Integration Capabilities:

The ability of a new technology to work with existing programs is a real plus. Vue makes integration simple because it requires no additional technologies beyond Javascript. You have more leeway when writing templates; if you’ve been working with React or Angular, the transition should be smooth. The framework’s lightweight and user-friendly components make it suitable for various projects.

10) Vibrant Community:

Vue’s thriving community is another reason it’s so well-liked. If you want to stay abreast of developments in the Vue community, you can attend one of the many conferences worldwide.

The robust community infrastructure of Vue.js and the vast number of user groups, meetups, and conferences are the first signs that you are dealing with a high-quality framework. The community can help solve all kinds of problems, which will, in turn, help you build websites with Vue.js.


Over the years, several frameworks have evolved to simplify the development process for many platforms and build native apps. However, unlike its predecessors, Vue.js is not going away anytime soon.

The Vuex part of the framework is helpful because it streamlines state management and route definition, letting developers build more complex programs with ease. Including Angular and React in this framework has too many advantages to be ignored.

Nonetheless, you need to be aware of the precise requirements since there are aspects of Vue that may not work in your favor. To avoid any discrepancy, you may hire vue.js developers from a reputable web development company with some background in mobile app development and who have worked on high-traffic websites. 

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