What to Gift to a Golfer Who Has Everything


Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift for a golfer or a birthday present, there are a number of great gifts that you can give them this year. 

This article will look at some of the most popular and unique gift ideas for golfers this season.


Why Golfers Love Presents

Golfers love presents that show they are appreciated and celebrated for their skills. Golf gifts can range from small items, such as tees or golf club covers, to larger items like clubs, apparel or even a round of golf at a favorite course. 

Even something as simple as a new ball marker can be appreciated by the avid golfer. For the serious golfer, a new set of clubs or even an upgrade to their existing equipment can be well-received. 

Other great golf gifts include gloves, hats and clothing items with their favourite course logo or a brand they like. 

Golfers also appreciate practical gifts that help them improve their game such as golf training aids, books and instructional videos. There are also great golf gadgets available that can help analyze a golfer’s swing or provide helpful statistics about their game. 

For those who want to give something more sentimental, personalized items such as monogrammed golf balls, towels or putters make great gifts for any golfer. 

For the dedicated golfer, a round at a premier course or an all-inclusive golf vacation can be the perfect way to show appreciation. No matter what type of gift you choose, golfers will appreciate the thought and effort that went into choosing a special present to celebrate their passion for the game. 

And here are our top 3 choices: 

Personalized Golf Ball Wall Art

This one of a kind golf themed gift is the perfect way to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the game. 

It can be displayed in the bedroom, living room or office. The most popular option is a full size golf ball. This item is a good addition to any golf themed gift bag. A bonus is the fact that the ball can be recycled for more usable products. 

It also has a magnetic ball mark to ensure that the ball remains upright. This is not only the best gift for the golf enthusiast in your life, it is a good gift for anyone who appreciates the game.

Garmin Approach G12

The Garmin Approach G12 is a great option for the golfer who wants to stay on top of their game and isn’t interested in a complicated, high-end device.

The Approach G12 is designed to fit in a trouser pocket or hat pocket, and has a clip to help attach it to your bag. The handheld unit is also water-rated and IPX7. 

It provides precision GPS distances on 42,000 preloaded courses. It has an LCD display and a high-resolution screen, and the battery lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge.

The device has a rangefinder that shows the yardage to the green at a glance, as well as hazards on the course. It can be paired with a club tracking sensor to provide even more accurate yardages for each shot. It also features weekly leaderboards to keep you in the know.

With the Garmin Approach Lineup, you can track your shots and get detailed analytics to improve your game. 

It has a Big Numbers mode, so you’ll see more information on your screen. You can even take advantage of the Virtual Caddie, which tells you which clubs to hit based on your distances and weather conditions.

Vice Golf Ball Variety Pack

These balls are a great way to show off your taste in golf.

There are plenty of other products out there, but the vice golf ball variety pack is a particularly good value for your hard earned cash. The selection includes two of each style of ball. 

These include the vice spry, vice drive, vice soft and vice tour. All of these have different core designs and coverings. They also feature the octagon logo which is a unique touch.

The vice spry is probably the best overall performance ball available on the market. It is designed to give the highest level of spin on the short game. It is a great ball for the mid-low handicapper.

The vice spry is also one of the cheapest options on the market. It’s made with a thin cover which gives you a very crisp and soft feel.

The Vice Selected Pack Golf Balls features a plethora of high-tech materials and features. You’ll find a dual zip head cover, a domed ball marker, a divot repair tool and an extra ball in the box. You’ll even receive a scorecard holder and an elegant gift tag.


There are many gift ideas for the golfer in your life who seems to have it all. From personalized golf balls to advanced golf aids and gadgets, there is something they can use to improve their game. 

If you want to give the golfer in your life something more meaningful, consider a golf lesson or membership to an exclusive golf club. Whatever you decide, your golfer will be sure to appreciate the thought and effort that went into the perfect gift for them.

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