5 Gift Ideas for Your Family


Shopping for the fam isn’t always easy. When hubby can’t stop drooling over a fancy VR headset, and the kids want Transformers (and not the toys… the giant fighting robots that talk to humans and moonlight as cars), it may feel like no gift you come up with this Christmas will be good enough.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. With just some creativity and thoughtfulness, you can surround the tree with gifts that will make all your loved ones happy—even if those gifts can’t transform into megabots bent on saving the world.

Here are five gift ideas to make your family’s Christmas morning one for the books.

#1 Some Lovin’ for the Skin

These winter months can make your skin extra dry. And unless you’re talking about martinis or British humor, extra dry is not a good thing. To relieve some of the flaky discomfort that the holiday season brings to your skin, add a cute little Christmas-themed nourishing face mask to your family’s stocking stuffers.

For a more complete kit for the wifey, make sure to include:

  • A foaming face wash
  • Cleansing toner
  • Strawberry-rhubarb exfoliating powder
  • Brightening serum
  • Oil-free moisturizer for dry skin
  • A rejuvenating mud mask

#2 A Timeless Timepiece

Holiday gifts don’t have to be big to be appreciated. For the beaux, brother, or dad who always seems to be late for dinner (but never for the big game… hm), sift through a sophisticated selection of watches for men to pick out one that fits their taste (and maybe makes them early for once).

#3 Vintage Tunes

Vintage Tunes

Does your boyfriend, brother, or sister jam out on a daily? Then make sure they’re doing it on a high-quality system (for the sake of their ears… and yours). Embrace your hipster tendencies and get them a swanky, vintage-inspired briefcase record player for music-lovers. These bad boys come in all sorts of colors and patterns and make for the perfect gift come to Christmastime!

#4 Try Your Hand at DIY

If the budget is a bit tight this year, your family doesn’t have to go without baller gifts—they just might be a bit craftier than usual.

Even if you can’t get your brother that brand-new phone or your mom the puppy she’s always wanted, you can make beautiful holiday memories with these ideas:

  • A personalized embroidery masterpiece in a beautiful frame.
  • A hand-sculpted bust of a beloved family member (art skills are a prerequisite for this one, we’re afraid).
  • A heart-warming collage of your favorite memories as a family.
  • A macrame plant hanger with lush pothos to match (for that hipster sister of yours who insists she likes lo-fi hip hop and sages her room every morning).
  • Create a painting based on your brother’s favorite video game concept art.

#5 Gifts That Enforce Good Habits

After Christmas comes New Year’s. And with New Year’s comes resolutions. And with resolution comes failure. While that’s not always the case, you’ve probably witnessed many times over the disappointment of your dad’s third year of picking up tennis only to put down the racket one week later. Or, your mom’s futile attempts at making yoga a regular part of her life.

This Christmas, get ahead of your family’s resolutions and pick out a gift that will help them achieve that fitness goal that has long eluded them:

  • A foam roller is an excellent gift for people wanting to get into fitness but fear the soreness that follows grinding it out at the gym.
  • An insulated water bottle is ideal for keeping water cool (and keeping you hydrated). Plus, you can always keep some of that delish hot cocoa warm for up to 12 hours on your rest day by the fire.
  • Splurge on some high-end yoga pants with pockets for your sister who’s been wanting to get into weightlifting but doesn’t want to feel frumpy next to the Insta model one rack over.

Don’t Forget the Greatest Gift of All

After you’ve spent an arm and a leg on beautiful holiday gifts for your family, don’t forget to wrap your remaining arm around them in a warm embrace. After all, Christmas is about more than presents under a tree, it’s about the family and friends standing around it.


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