What is Malenia Heal Buff Bug in Elden Ring?


A new bug in the Elden Ring has caused the Megaboss Malenia to heal itself whenever it attacks. The Malenia Heal buff bug was introduced in patch 1.04 of the game, making the boss much more difficult to defeat than before. While the buffs to colossal swords and incantations were greatly welcomed, one of the most vexing bugs in the game is the bug that causes Malenia to heal itself whenever she attacks.

Players who were frustrated by the Malenia Heal buff bug have the option to disable the buff and use an alternative to heal themselves. This is a good way to gain bragging rights and improve your stance and positioning.


Luckily, the new patch is designed to fix the bug. While you may have to wait for the patch to fully fix the bug, you can try out the two new items that are available for the ring.

The Tonic of Forgetfulness is now available at Volcano Manor, which was previously impossible to obtain due to the quest progression. Additionally, this patch fixes a rune reduction bug that caused the player to die while in Stormveil Castle.

The player will also receive a reward when defeating the Dung Eater. The Tonic of Forgetfulness also fixes a bug that caused players to duplicate remembrances in the Walking Mausoleum.

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