Sony Announces Increased Supply of PS5 in 2023


As 2023 approaches, PlayStation gamers are gearing up to snag themselves a new console. Sony’s PS5 has been in stock scarcity since its launch and the company has now announced that fans can expect an increased supply of PS5 in 2023.

The global chip shortage has had a major impact on many industries around the world, including gaming, but it appears as though Sony is finally getting on top of the situation. As a result, gamers should be able to purchase the PS5 far easier than they did previously.

For players in the U.S., U.K, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, be sure to check to purchase a PS5 console, games, and accessories directly from PlayStation. PS5 products are also available at participating retailers globally.

A new ad campaign has been launched by Sony, called “Live from PS5”. It aims to put a modern spin on the old live-action news broadcasts that used to promote the PlayStation.

This campaign is also accompanied by social media pop-ups featuring fan-favorite game characters. One of these marketing stunts saw a massive Leviathan Axe from God of War appearing next to the London Eye.

There are a number of amazing games that we’re looking forward to seeing on the PS5 in 2023, from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to Stellar Blade. There’s no reason to delay your PS5 purchase, and with the new year just beginning, it might be a good time to grab one.

The new console will allegedly have a detachable disc drive that can be plugged in or removed, according to a report by Insider Gaming. The move is said to be a way for Sony to reduce its production costs, as it only needs to manufacture one console and sell it in different bundles depending on whether or not you want a disc drive.


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