What is Project Leonardo for PS5? All You Need to Know

Project Leonardo

At CES 2023, Sony announced its new Project Leonardo, the codename for a new highly customizable controller kit for PlayStation 5 that works “out of the box”.

What is Project Leonardo for PS5?

Project Leonardo is the codename for a new controller for the PlayStation 5 designed specifically for gamers who have disabilities. Sony has collaborated with accessibility groups, gamers, and game developers to develop this controller. It features a wide assortment of buttons and the ability to switch between different types of inputs. The kit also has four 3.5mm AUX ports for connecting third-party accessories.


In addition to being customizable, the project can be paired with other Leonardos or traditional controllers. This can help make playing games with a disability more enjoyable. Users can also save their custom controller configurations for future use. Additionally, the kit can be mounted on a tripod for comfort.

Highly Customizable

Project Leonardo is a gaming controller for the PlayStation 5. Designed to be highly configurable for a variety of players, it can be used with existing accessibility solutions, such as the PlayStation 4 DualSense controller. One key feature is the ability to map different functions to each button. Another option is to remap each button to a different shape.


With Project Leonardo, users can save multiple controller profiles, which can then be easily recalled for use. Additionally, it can also be mapped to work with third-party external switches. Currently, users have access to two separate inputs with this controller, but Sony is working on expanding this to support more.

The Project Leonardo controller looks like a circular hub with multiple swappable parts. It also has a protruding joystick mount. These features are all aimed at reducing the player’s need for physical inputs. Also, it has a black-and-white color palette.

The Design

The design of the controller is very similar to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It is a circular base with a protruding joystick mount and eight analogue stick caps. While the buttons are all standard PlayStation 5 face buttons, they are also shaped in various sizes. There is also a split design that reduces the number of inputs required. However, some players may still need to use their own custom 3D-printed switches.

Sony has worked with AbleGamers, Stack Up, and SpecialEffect to develop this device. The company has also gathered feedback from the game community. It hopes to incorporate this feedback into the product’s final design. As such, it will be able to accommodate as many players as possible.

It is likely that the controller will work out of the box with the PS5. Since it is still in development, however, there is no set release date for this device. If you are interested in learning more about Project Leonardo, visit the official PlayStation Blog for further information.

Although the project is still in development, it promises to be a great help for players with disabilities. Many first-party titles from Sony feature innovative accessibility features. Games are now more accessible than ever. And with the Project Leonardo controller, gaming is even more accessible for everyone.

Until now, Sony has lagged behind Microsoft in terms of accessibility options for its hardware. But now that it has a controller in development, it’s hoping to catch up.

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