Top 4 Marketing Automation Trends to Follow in 2023

Marketing Automation

Marketing professionals typically use marketing automation tools to carry out daily tasks. There are many digital business options accessible. A CAGR of 12.3% is predicted for the global marketing automation market from 2020 to 2030, reaching $14,180.6 million. Social media and digital marketing have grown significantly in the last few years, which is unsurprising.

Digital marketing techniques and elements can be integrated into marketing efforts in several ways. This article discusses the four leading marketing automation trends shaping how businesses plan and execute their marketing initiatives. The difficulties of tailoring user experience in today’s web data sea and how cutting-edge technology like AI helps marketers will be discussed in this article.


Applications for marketing automation software are endless and include SMS messaging, trigger-based email sequences, and lead creation. It is now simpler to perform typical marketing tasks with marketing automation technology since marketers have depended on them extensively for so long. Compare Constant Contact costs model to ensure you are choosing a commercially feasible option for marketing automation softwares.

As businesses rely on marketing automation technologies, we should expect the following four key advancements.

Use of Behavior Analytics

Take a look at organizations like Netflix, Google, and Amazon who have built their businesses on customer data and analytics if you ever want to understand the importance of behavior analytics. Marketers will continue to find behavior analytics to be very helpful in determining customer preferences, problems, and reasons for future action.

Businesses may increase lead generation, increase client retention, and improve value by using behavior analytics. Real-time consumer interactions and event data are more trustworthy than conventional survey-based CX approaches because hyper-personalization dominates the customer experience (CX).

As competition increases and businesses compete to attract their fair share of new customers, one may assume that marketers will employ behavior analytics to create more meaningful and pertinent products, services, and promotions in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are two critical technologies that are utilized in many marketing automation aspects (ML). Key marketing jobs that utilize AI and ML include lead scoring, segmentation, and behavioral analytics.

Currently, content marketing also includes AI and ML. These tools help marketers with speedy content creation and research and development of content strategies. strategists use to develop ideas for news stories, blog article topics, and other types of material that boost user engagement.

Additionally, marketers are now able to establish pertinent messaging for customers along the customer journey thanks to AI and ML. For instance, as users progress through their customer journey, ML will detect this activity when they click an ad and apply it for subsequent campaigns and customer touchpoints.

Implementing Mobile Marketing Strategy

Marketers are likely to use marketing automation solutions to increase their mobile presence in 2022 and beyond. These tools include SMS, in-app advertisements, and push alerts, as examples.. Additionally, it’s expected that marketers will prioritize creating mobile-friendly content and use video as their preferred format for conveying marketing messaging.

Omni channel marketing technique

Businesses are no longer restricted to using conventional types of advertising like TV and print media because there are billions of consumers online. The number of gadgets, apps, and websites that consumers use on a daily basis gives marketers more ways to contact their target market. Websites, social media networks, and instant messaging services are examples of customer channels.

Marketers may manage several communication channels efficiently with marketing automation software without losing the meaning of their talks. Businesses can use omnichannel marketing to put their retargeting plans into action.

This is due to the fact that integrated customer touchpoints allow for simultaneous marketing message delivery across all platforms and the whole customer experience.


The top 4 marketing automation trends show how organizations may streamline their marketing initiatives using marketing automation tools.

The trends strongly suggest that marketing tactics will incorporate more automation tools, innovative features, and a more significant personal touch in 2022 and the future. The fact that trends are ultimately supposed to serve as benchmarks for marketers to examine their strategy and identify areas for improvement is crucial to keep in mind.

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