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Sova is one of the most intriguing Valorant agents. He’s rooted in the traditions of his desolate Russian homeland, yet he has a technically advanced bionic eye that enables him to aim his hunting bow with frightening precision. Sova’s tracking abilities place him at the top of every team’s recruitment list, but he’s so reserved, he’ll keep everyone guessing until the last minute about whether he’ll join them.

Who is Sova?

Blond-haired Sova is quiet and often solitary. Only his closest associates are aware that his real name is Alexander “Sasha” Novikov. A hunter by instinct, he learned his tracking skills from his grandfather as they pursued reindeer in the dense forests near Severomorsk, not far from the border with Finland. The blue hunting cloak Sova wears is a traditional garment worn by Russian peasants and symbolizes his independent spirit.


Sova Playing Style

Players with an eye for planning strategy in advance love taking charge of Sova. His nickname means Russian owl, and like that silent, but lethal night hunter, he stealthily tracks his unsuspecting prey. Of all the Valorant agents, Sova is the most self-controlled, patiently biding his time until he can make a successful strike. As a reconnaissance expert, Sova often undertakes daring ventures near enemy territory, making guerrilla-style raids while gathering vital information for his team.

Sova Special Skills

Shockbolt – Sova loves using his devastating archery skills to inflict serious damage upon the enemy in this exciting ability. When aimed correctly, the arrow can ricochet off walls to hit unsuspecting enemy agents hiding behind barricades.

Owl Drone – When the action is at its fiercest, Sova often releases his owl drone, which happens to be one of the most amazing abilities in Valorant. He guides it over the enemy and fires a bolt at them. If successful, the bolt reveals where the enemy goes for the remainder of the bout.

Recon Bolt – Firing this pulsating arrow is a means of gathering information about enemy positions. However, it’s only effective if they are in line with the bolt’s flight path. The arrow can fly far and bounce off walls, but it is vulnerable to being intercepted.

Hunter’s Fury – This is a very effective ultimate skill. It fires up to three super fast long-range arrows that can actually travel the length of a map. It’s an exciting feature that can clear out enemies along its path enabling Sova’s team to follow through in relative safety.


Sova is a useful addition to any team as they battle the opposition in Valorant matches at 1337PRO. His hunting and reconnaissance skills are valuable assets and often cause the opposition maximum aggravation.

Sova’s instinct for tracking the enemy is a great contribution to a team, helping to find out hidden enemy positions. Calm and controlled, Sova helps motivate his team amidst the excitement of a Valorant event.

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