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Online shopping has undoubtedly become the preferred method of shopping for many individuals as there are many benefits that come with it. With online shopping, customers can now buy products and goods from the comfort of their own homes rather than having to spend time visiting a physical store. Customers also have access to a wider range of products that can all be found in one place, regardless of the geographical origins of these products.

However, while there are many advantages to shopping online, there are also many reasons that some customers feel hesitant and skeptical to fully immerse themselves in this modern way of shopping. And perhaps one of the most common reasons is the fear of getting a counterfeit product or a product that is nothing like the item being advertised in the listing.


eCommerce newcomer Temu enables its users to engage with the platform, and encourages them to leave reviews on the various products sold on the site. This feature is essential for both buyers and sellers, and provides would-be customers with a better understanding of the actual product so they can know what to expect from the merchant. 

What is Temu?

Temu’s digital marketplace combines the best features of a wholesale market and a carefully edited department store, with the added convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity. 

Launched in September 2022, Temu is an online retail marketplace serving the US market with affordable, quality products sourced from an international network of suppliers. Temu taps into the same network of sourcing and logistics providers as its sister app Pinduoduo, a pioneering social commerce platform. 

Nasdaq-listed PDD Holdings is the multinational commerce group behind both Temu and Pinduoduo, and operates a network with 900 million active buyers worldwide, and an 11-million-strong merchant base. PDD Holdings is well-known for innovating e-commerce solutions, such as the Next-gen Manufacturing approach utilized through Temu to develop better products. 

Through its Next-Gen Manufacturing approach, Temu enables manufacturers with key market insights that they can use to respond to shifts in consumer demand. Customers can purchase whatever they need, whenever they need, and in whatever quantity on Temu as the platform provides the market with the choice and flexibility in their online purchases. 

Leaving Reviews in Temu

Product reviews cultivate a community of buyers and sellers within the Temu platform, and incentivize merchants to maintain the quality of their wares. To leave a product review in the platform, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the Temu account on the Temu website or mobile app. 
  2. Go to the user account profile, and click on the tab Your orders.
  3. In this tab, users can see all the pending, ongoing, and completed orders made on the platform. Click the tab for Completed orders.
  4. Locate the order ID listing of the products for review. Click on the order listing. 
  5. Click on the Review button to leave a review of the product. 
  6. Type in the full review, add actual photos of the product, and rate the product based on a standard 5-star rating.
  7. Click Submit to submit your review. 

Tips on Writing Good Reviews

As any online shopper would know, not all reviews are helpful. The most helpful reviews have clear but unaltered product photos, as well as a detailed description of the product, shipping times, and value for money. Here are a few tips to write good and helpful reviews:

  • Include photos of the product in different angles and lighting.
  • Review the product based on its actual purpose – eg. review the durability of a children’s plush toy based on how it is used by children, not when used by a pet. 
  • Include the shipping time in the review. 
  • Review interactions with the seller, if applicable – e.g. chat response times.

The Importance of Leaving Reviews

Temu has a lot of great features in place to help its customers make informed decisions so that they can be happy and satisfied with their purchases, and one of these is the reviews section of every listing. While reviews are definitely not a requirement, they can definitely help customers have a better idea of the item that they’re buying.

And just as you as a customer consults the reviews and ratings left by past buyers to decide whether a product is worth it, future customers can also benefit from reading your reviews and ratings when they consider buying the same product. 

While Temu focuses on providing world class goods from manufacturers and brands from all over the world, the company also values its customers’ satisfaction with their shopping experience. 

Customers’ freedom to leave ratings and reviews on their purchases is only one of the platform features that help with this, and leaving reviews helps customers decide which products are worth buying, while also helping the seller improve their goods and services.

Check out Temu’s official website or download the mobile app to find the best deals around, or you can visit Temu’s official Youtube page for some inspiration for your next purchase!

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